SOLO Server Released

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Posted:  July 2

SOLO Server Release

We recently finalized and posted our latest build of SOLO Server:

There are many small changes, improvements and fixes in this release as outlined in the full release notes.

For customers using the shopping cart rules engine to sell software maintenance renewals, a new Expired Maintenance Start Date setting is now available. This controls whether the new expiration date is incremented from the current date or the existing expiration date when the license being renewed has already expired.

Early Testing of Activation Password Feature

In a previous blog post, we outlined in Phase 3 our plans to remove the customer password from the SOLO Server administration interface. After talking to customers and giving careful thought to this design, we determined that it was necessary to provide an easy way for SOLO Server administrators and customer service representatives to view the password required for software activation without exposing the ability to see the customer’s password that was used for the shopping cart and customer license portal. We feel very comfortable with our new design of introducing a new Activation Password field on the License Details page of SOLO Server, since there are many advantages to this approach – which has been discussed and approved by several of our large customers. Details on the advantages will be provided when the feature is generally available.

The bulk of the changes in this SOLO Server release includes Phase 1 of adding the Activation Password column to the Licenses table. This new field is available to SoftwareKey staff for internal testing. It is also available to our Instant SOLO Server Dedicated URL customers who may be interested in testing this new feature for software activation.

Please contact us with any questions about this new Activation Password feature or to have it enabled on your Dedicated URL account.

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