SOLO Server Customer License Portal

The Customer License Portal allows your customers to manage their licenses and purchases with various options, and also update their contact information and password. The self-service functionality is convenient for customers, and also results in less work for your sales and support team.

Here is a screenshot of the default portal, which can be customized to match the look and feel of your website:

Customer License Portal

Since we use SOLO Server for our own customers, existing SoftwareKey customers can see our branded version of the Customer License Portal by clicking on the Login / Download & Renew Software menu at the top of our website.

As a SOLO Server author, you can easily provide this same functionality for your own customers. You can learn about how to do this by viewing the Customer License Portal manual topic.


You can choose which of the following features are made available to your customers:

Payment History

Allows the customer to review past payments and re-print receipts and invoices. If you are not using SOLO Server's integrated e-Commerce, you could disable this option.

Licenses & Activations

The customer can view their licenses, activation history, and other license related information you want to display, such as instructions.

You can give customers the option to process a manual activation by entering their User Code 1 and User Code 2 into the portal. SOLO Server will then generate the corresponding Activation Code(s) and log that the manual activation took place. Instead of having to call or email you their codes, customers can activate offline machines at any time as long as they can log into the Customer License Portal through another device.

You can also give customers the option to remotely deactivate an installation, which frees up an activation to be used on another machine. This is especially useful if a computer crashed or was formatted and the customer can no longer initiate the deactivation directly through your software.


The availability of downloads are based on the licenses the customer purchased. Access to a download can also be based upon an expiration date, which can either be the expiration date of the license, or it can just be a maintenance/support expiration date.

Renewals & Upgrades

When using SOLO Server's integrated e-Commerce, license renewals and upgrades can be offered to existing customers based on the licenses they already have. A customer can renew their original license subscription and does not need to purchase and activate with a new one. You can define what requirements need to be met for a renewal or upgrade to be available, such as not allowing the customer to purchase a renewal if their license has been expired for more than 30 days.

Recurring Payments

When using SOLO Server's integrated e-Commerce and a compatible payment gateway, you can process automatically recurring payments, such as for a subscription license. With each successful payment, the subscription will be renewed, and the software will continue to run. If a payment fails, you can configure when the software will stop working. SOLO Server can also automatically send an email to the customer letting them know if their credit card is about to expire and needs to be updated.

Product Registration

The customer can register licenses purchased through authorized retailers or distributors, which adds the license(s) to their customer account.