Introduction and Overview Videos

Introduction to and Benefits of the SoftwareKey System

This video gives an overview of how our cornerstone components — Protection PLUS and SOLO Server — offer many benefits as a software license management solution, including:

  • Get new exposure for your software products
  • Increase your revenues
  • Reduce your software support expenses
  • Maximize your return on investment
  • Around-the-clock convenience to your customers

Prospective customers will gain a better understanding of what the SoftwareKey System can offer and where to start. Current customers can learn about the benefits they may not yet be taking advantage of. Here’s a quick rundown of the topics covered in this webinar:

  • Why choose a licensing system?
  • The benefits of each SoftwareKey System component
  • Why the SoftwareKey System is the best choice for you

SoftwareKey System Evaluation:
Demo Application

This video shows use of our Demo Application, which demonstrates the main SoftwareKey System features. The same licensing functionality can be applied to your own applications when using Instant Protection PLUS 3 and your own SOLO Server Automation account, and the demonstrated features include:

  • License dialog with options to evaluate, purchase or activate
  • Logging into SOLO Server and creating a license
  • Activating with a time-limited license and a feature based license
  • Deactivating a license, including a remote deactivation
  • Navigating the SOLO Server author interface and reviewing activation history

Download the Demo Application and view the written tutorials in the manual for additional instructions.

Need help deciding which licensing client you need? View our blog posts for additional information:

Getting Started with
Instant Protection PLUS 3

Instant Protection PLUS 3 uses a wizard interface, allowing you to quickly add the most commonly-requested licensing business logic and user interface to a software application with little or no source code changes.

  • Discuss each of the wizard steps and options
  • Show how to navigate the help system
  • Protect a sample EXE file
  • Using the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL interface
  • Activating the software manually and online with SOLO Server
  • Deactivating a workstation manually and online with SOLO Server
  • Using the Instant Protection PLUS 3 API for advanced integrations
  • Advanced features such as build automation and command line switches

AutoCrypt SL Overview

AutoCrypt Software Licensing was developed by MARX CryptoTech LP in partnership with SoftwareKey. It can protect your software quickly and effortlessly, without writing a single line of code and without needing access to source code. Your protected application will connect to SoftwareKey's SOLO Server Automation for online license activation and management.

  • Wraps your existing application and adds a secure layer of protection
  • Supports protection of Windows 32/64 bit Native executables and DLLs and protection of 32/64 bit .NET executables
  • Provides many licensing scenarios for creative distribution strategies, such as limited trial versions, permanent licenses or subscriptions
  • Uses the central licensing server SOLO Server Automation, which is available as a hosted service or it can be self-hosted. Using SOLO Server Automation is required, and it is possible to activate offline machines through another computer that does have Internet access.
  • On request, AutoCrypt SL can be customized according to your individual needs.

Introduction to Protection PLUS 5 SDK

The Protection PLUS 5 SDK, available in many languages, editions, and platforms, allows software development teams to implement sophisticated software licensing business logic and user interfaces for their applications. The possibilities are limited only by their imagination!

  • Available Protection PLUS packages and installed components
  • Supported licensing approaches
  • An overview of Protection PLUS 5 SDK license file types
  • Activation models available in Protection PLUS 5 SDK
  • Generating and using a Protection PLUS 5 SDK encryption envelope
  • Options for configuring a license in SOLO Server with user-defined parameters
  • Using SOLO Server to: Activate an initial license, Update the license parameters and refresh the license on the client’s computer, Transfer or revoke a license
  • Demonstration focused on using License Manager to activate an application without SOLO Server