SoftwareKey Support Policy

Team SoftwareKey is famous for customer service, as echoed in multiple testimonials and success stories.  For the first time in our long history, we are implementing some new policies - including this Support Policy - as these guidelines will allow us to continue to facilitate the best possible experience for all prospects and customers.

Prospective as well as ongoing SoftwareKey customers have a range of questions and support needs, and we like to give everyone the help they need.

Team SoftwareKey is famous for customer service, as echoed in multiple testimonials and success stories.  For the first time in our long history, we are implementing some new policies - including this Support Policy - as these guidelines will allow us to continue to facilitate the best possible experience for all prospects and customers.

Prospective as well as ongoing SoftwareKey customers have a range of questions and support needs, and we like to give everyone the help they need.

Wherever you are in your search for licensing solutions or related implementation, this Support Policy will help you understand how we provide help and guidance that directly meet your special situation.   We love working with customers to find the right solution!

To give you an idea of our adaptability, below is a partial list highlighting the different types of customers we work with:

  • Solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies
  • Startup companies with limited funds to established companies with large development budgets
  • Companies that need licensing guidance to those who know exactly what they want to do
  • Simple licensing projects that can benefit from one of our wizard-based licensing tools to complex requirements that can take advantage of the powerful / flexible SDK for near-limitless licensing capability
  • Project managers overseeing a contracted or offshore development team to an experienced in-house development team

We try to keep our pricing low by offering several self-service options that allow you to experience SoftwareKey’s systems through online tutorials, webinars, online knowledgebase, and free trials including sample applications that you can compile and run.

While a lot can be done with our standard out-of-the-box functionality, there are endless ways to customize our products, as well as our services.

The SoftwareKey System is not the cheapest licensing solution, nor is it the most expensive:

  • Many enjoy the fact that our team does not base pricing on your company's annual revenues. We don't care how deep your pockets go!
  • We allow customers to select their desired support experience with us, by choosing between Standard Support and Professional Services.  

In order to best serve all our customers, we adhere strictly to the terms of this policy, without exception.

What is Included in SoftwareKey Standard Support?

All customers (with active maintenance), as well as everyone who is testing the SoftwareKey System as a potential licensing solution, are provided with Standard Support.  This level of service provides answers to simple questions related to your configuration and use of our products.

SoftwareKey's Standard Support is great for individuals or companies who:

  • Have a limited budget
  • Enjoy learning and prefer the Do It Yourself approach
  • Want to learn and take ownership of the complete licensing implementation
  • Have simple licensing requirements that can leverage standard "out of the box" SoftwareKey System functionality - OR - are willing to adjust licensing requirements to minimize requirements of customized coding.

Several free resources are available to potential buyers which, combined with Standard Support services, will help your development team determine if the SoftwareKey System is a good fit for your software license management requirements.  We have many customers who have completed successful SoftwareKey System integrations while leveraging our standard online support options.

Be careful of risks!

While it’s certainly possible to implement software licensing on your own, without professional support, there are some risks involved.

 Check out this page to learn more about the "Do It Yourself" risks.

Customers can always depend on Standard Support for simple responses to uncomplicated queries. Customers can send basic questions by email, by opening a ticket, or by using live chat - which are all available through our online support portal.  

Some examples of Standard Support requests are questions like:

  • I'm calling your function named abcdef() and I'm receiving error code 12345, can you tell me why?
  • Should I require customers to activate my trial?
  • Why would a customer be asked to re-activate my software?
  • How can I distinguish temporary licenses from perpetual licenses?
  • What are my options for creating and distributing license IDs? 

Answers to most Standard Support questions are covered by providing some high-level guidance while often pointing you to a relevant manual topic, blog post, online tutorial, or knowledgebase article that you may have missed.

Any problems which are reproducible in our tutorials or included sample applications are fully covered in Standard Support.

Bonus feature of Standard Support - Free Consultation!

Every company is eligible to receive a free online consultation.

For people evaluating the SoftwareKey System, this can be used for a quick demonstration and Question and Answer session, or it could be used later in the evaluation process to discuss more technical details.

Depending on your needs, customers utilizing SoftwareKey Professional Services can request additional consultation sessions to help with further guidance or implementation questions.

What are SoftwareKey Professional Services?

For customers who need or want a higher level of service from our experienced team of licensing experts in order to fast-track your evaluation and/or implementation, Team SoftwareKey offers several Professional Services options.

Peter Mason

CSIRO Mineral Resources

"They always respond rapidly and knowledgeably. I have never had a box-ticking or tunnel-vision experience with them. There's a clear impression of involvement and commitment."

Professional Services are a fit for individuals or companies who: 

  • Prefer senior-level support staff to "Do It With You" or "Do It For You"
  • Want someone else to take ownership of licensing implementation and guide them to the finish line
  • Have complex licensing requirements that may require at least some coding with our various APIs or SDKs
  • Want assistance integrating the licensing system with other external systems

Questions to Ask When Considering SoftwareKey Professional Services

When considering SoftwareKey Professional Services, consider the following questions:

  • Are you under pressure to complete an evaluation or integration quickly and want to "jump start" the process of finding the perfect licensing solutions for your company?
  • Are you just not sure where to begin with your licensing project or are you confused by all of the capabilities a licensing system provides?
  • Is your development team too busy to evaluate the SoftwareKey System features and capabilities and/or make comparisons with other commercial licensing systems?
  • Do you want to save time on licensing configuration so your primary focus can remain on your core product line?
  • Do you feel the need for more dedicated support to help you get started, or to resolve an issue, or to help you quickly and professionally launch technical upgrades?
  • Do you like having access to resources who have "been there, done that" with regard to license management, eCommerce, and business automation?
  • Do you like having access to priority support to receive the quickest and most customized service?
  • Are you looking for the quickest way to determine rough budgetary numbers and level of effort for an advanced licensing implementation or integration with other systems?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above questions, SoftwareKey Professional Services are exactly what is needed to get you to the finish line in the quickest way!

What Are the Benefits of Using SoftwareKey Professional Services?

With Professional Services, you get customized one-on-one support, training, and implementation guidance from senior SoftwareKey staff.

This can help cover the basics of using any of our products and the systems to which they connect.  It can include a walk-through, checking/confirming you are using the correct settings for your licensing requirements, and basically cover anything that you are not clear on.

One of the first steps in implementing a successful licensing system is to create a map of all the possible use cases of your licensing requirements and potential integrations with other systems.

Take Time to Save Time!

Read this blog post to learn about the importance of taking the time to create use case documentation:

Take time to save time: 4 reasons to list licensing requirements

Your Professional Services SoftwareKey senior-level project manager takes the time to thoroughly understand what you’re trying to do, and points out potential challenges that hadn't been considered. In this way, you more quickly and confidently determine the best design and process for your licensing needs.

You also get:

  • Access to our licensing engineers via GoToMeeting, phone, live chat, or email.
  • Top priority in answering your questions via online support.
  • An increased understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of any advanced licensing implementation, as you leverage our team's 25+ year experience in software license management.  

When it comes to software licensing, as with so many things in this world, often you don’t know what you don’t know. If you are curious or wondering what options you may have, it makes sense to get in touch so we can help figure out the best solutions for your specific case.

What is Included in SoftwareKey Professional Services?

SoftwareKey Professional Services includes:

  • A dedicated senior-level project manager who will take ownership of your licensing project and work with you to understand your company's goals.
  • A dedicated senior-level development team member who will work with you and the project manager to determine the best design and help (as needed) with the implementation.
  • Faster responses from our online support, and access to GoToMeeting or phone support to help get your project launched faster.
  • Answers to any question(s) you care to ask - large or small - related to advanced licensing implementation, integration with other systems, or even software business process automation.   If an answer is not readily available, we will research what is necessary to find a solution.
  • Guidance on creating or reviewing your use-case documentation. Or our staff can even take ownership of this process by interviewing your team and creating the use-case documentation for you.
  • Assistance breaking large projects into smaller, prioritized phases, if desired or necessary.

Our company has been around for over 25 years, during which time we have continuously developed, expanded, and improved our products and services.  In addition to extensive expertise in software license management processes, our staff has equal experience in all aspects of running a software business.

Some of our customers say they engage our staff because "they’ve acted as part of our development team."

What is the Fee for SoftwareKey Professional Services?

From working with so many customers, we recognize that everyone's needs are different.   Some customers only need support at the beginning to get started more quickly, and some customers prefer to always have priority access to our team to address any potential questions whenever they come up.

We are happy to provide a quotation for a customized Professional Services project.

You will likely fall into one of two categories:

  1. Some of our prospects and customers have had enough experience with our technical abilities to appreciate having "full access" to our senior-level staff to help them design and resolve whatever questions and challenges arise, in an agile manner.  All questions, large and small, are fair game.  To obtain the "full access" to our staff, these companies typically choose to go on an hourly Professional Services plan and only pay when the advanced support is needed.   We track our time spent on your project on an internal system using 15-minute increments.
  2. Some people recoil when hourly time and materials billing for Professional Services is mentioned.  As long as we can clearly define the parameters for the Professional Services project and prevent scope creep, we are happy to propose a fixed price for the session.

To get a quote for Professional Services:

  1. Let us know which of the above two options feels like the best fit for your company given your experience with us so far.
  2. If you already know what you want, please share with us any written requirements / use case documentation.
  3. If you want to go with the second option, it would be helpful for you to provide a high-level list of the desired discussion points or desired outcomes so that we can provide a fixed pricing quote.

What Do Customers Say About SoftwareKey Professional Services?

I wanted help with licensing and distributing my recently-finished software, and I didn't know where to start. The SoftwareKey jump start program helped me quickly finalize the licensing and set up my online store. The friendly, knowledgeable consultant directed me through the entire process and knew exactly how to help me accomplish my goals.

Medhat Khalil

Technical Director, Compudraulic LLC

We’ve been using the SoftwareKey System for several years to enable our product licensing. In addition, we’ve engaged SoftwareKey consulting services on multiple special projects. They’ve acted as part of our development team to extend their standard SoftwareKey System functionality, create custom interfaces, design scalable deployments and expand their database to store sales data. I would use SoftwareKey consulting services again because their level of commitment, their technical knowledge and the quality of their deliverables represent a best-value solution that I can deploy with confidence.

Nancy Canty
VP of Product Management, Blue Ridge Networks, Inc.

See what other people have to say about our customer service, by checking out the many testimonials and success stories.

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