SoftwareKey Support Policy

Last Updated: December 23, 2020

In order to best serve all our customers, we adhere strictly to the terms of this policy, without exception.

A licensing system is the centerpiece of your company, and sales from software licenses are the lifeblood of your company’s revenue. In addition to a reliable software licensing provider, you need a provider who recognizes the importance of timely answers to your support questions.

Prospective and current customers of SoftwareKey have a range of questions and support requests, and it is our goal to provide everyone with the help they need. We love working with customers to find the right solution! Our Support Policy allows us to continually provide the best possible experience for all prospective and current customers.

While a lot can be done with our standard out-of-the-box functionality, there are endless ways to customize and extend our products, as well as our services. Customers select their desired support experience with us by choosing between Standard Support or Professional Services

What Is Included In Standard Support?

All customers with an active SoftwareKey System subscription are provided with Standard Support.

This includes our online resources and answering questions by email and live chat. Answers to most Standard Support questions are covered by providing some high-level guidance while often pointing you to a relevant manual topicblog postonline tutorial, or support portal article that you may have missed.  Prospective and current customers can depend on Standard Support for simple responses to uncomplicated queries

Any problems which are reproducible in our tutorials or included sample applications are covered by Standard Support. Some examples are:

  • I'm going the XX tutorial, and I am stuck on step YY. Can you explain why my screen says ZZ?
  • I'm running your sample application named XX. It fails to activate the software under certain conditions.
  • I'm calling your SDK function named abcdef() with these input parameters, and I'm receiving error code 12345. Can you tell me why?

In addition, customers with an active SOLO Server Self-Hosted software maintenance subscription are eligible to receive detailed steps required to upgrade their server to the current annual release from the previous annual release.

Services Not Included In Standard Support

Some questions or support requests will require closer, in-depth scrutiny and research. For these requests, you can purchase one of our paid Professional Service options to receive one-on-one support for your issue. Examples of questions not covered by standard support are:

  • Any questions related to integration with other systems
  • Any questions related to reviewing customer application source code
  • Any questions related to custom coding
  • Coaching on how to use the SoftwareKey System in a way that is tailored to your specific use case
  • Any SOLO Server Self-Hosted installation support or other issues related to the environment in which the application is hosted or running

In a nutshell, any technical questions not related to an included sample application or tutorial (provided in the links above) are generally not covered under Standard Support.

What are SoftwareKey Professional Services?

For customers who feel they would benefit from a higher level of service from our experienced team of licensing experts to fast-track their evaluation and/or implementation, Team SoftwareKey offers several paid Professional Services options: