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Upgrade the way you do business.

Whether you’re looking for quick and simple licensing or extensive flexibility with detailed control, you can license your software securely and economically. Enterprise level or single developers will find a perfect fit with the SoftwareKey System, a turnkey client/server powerhouse.

Our solutions to protect, automate and manage your software are better than ever before. Easier activation and management tools, revamped dashboards and customer portals, the latest technologies to keep you up-to-date, and encryption to keep you safe. Choose from either a shared or dedicated managed and hosted service, or a turnkey server that you host on your own IT infrastructure.

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Feature-rich license management software solutions.

We have what you're looking for.

Copy protection? You bet.
Electronic activation & management? Seamless.
Countless licensing models? Absolutely.
Multi-platform support? No problem.
Scalability? Check.
Using third party sellers? We support them.
Integrated shopping cart option? We’ve got you covered.
Activation support for offline environments? Yep.
Offering trials or tiered pricing? It’s easy.
Reporting, automated emails, and much more…

You get the most powerful license management software solution driven by combined technologies: the speed of traditional software eCommerce, the hands-free automation of Electronic License Activation and Management (ELA/ELM), and centralized controls to manage license enforcement.

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Proven performance.

Be confident with a license management software solution you can count on.

Enjoy leading edge industry software with proven performance. Used by nearly 7000 customers around the world in 118 countries with millions of activations, protecting millions of dollars of software. This track record spans across two decades with impeccable uptime (99.9%) and security.

As a company, SoftwareKey shows long-term steady growth and a diverse set of long-term customers. We’re empowered to deliver smart solutions, reliably, in what can be a changeable and confusing licensing marketplace.

Simplified implementation.

License your software in minutes!

Home grown licensing is a well worn path that simply doesn’t pay off anymore. Free yourself to run your business and perfect your software while relying on our core competencies of licensing architecture.

Although we have powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs) with full customizability, our wizard-based tools have you running in minutes.

Take advantage of Jump Start, fast track professional services to get priority treatment and your protected application launched and automated. For your most complex needs, expert consulting services are available.

Unparalleled value.

Don’t pay a premium for features you don’t need.

We don’t aim to be the best in class for every feature all the time, nor are we always the lowest priced. Rather, our overall value is unparalleled and it holds up to inspection - you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Other providers are so bare bones or outdated that you’re quickly locked in and unable to be nimble with your business decisions. On the other end are providers who’ll have you overpaying for their high end marketing and features you won’t end up using.

The SoftwareKey System stays current by building on sound technical expertise, adding great service, valuable documentation, and reliability. We are customers of our own product and we’re dedicated to the best solutions possible. The advantages to your business include maximizing revenue, minimizing costs, and maintaining and growing your user base. That’s an indispensable ROI.

The SoftwareKey System is a complete, turnkey solution covering the full lifecycle of license management for your software. Industry-leading license management software solutions like ours are indispensable if you want to maximize revenues and minimize costs.