Protection PLUS Overview

Protection PLUS is the industry standard for software licensing and copy protection. It is your key to protecting your investment in your intellectual property and puts you in the driver's seat to sell your software and enforce license compliance.

Protection PLUS is available as two separate licensing clients, Instant Protection PLUS 3 and Protection PLUS 5 SDK. They are licensed per developer workstation, and grant a royalty-free license that does not limit the number of applications you can protect. Instant Protection PLUS 3 and Protection PLUS 5 SDK are sold separately, and you can choose which licensing client best suits your needs.

Customer tested and approved

With an amazing range of functionality, our powerful licensing clients meet a wide range of customer needs. Protection PLUS is working tirelessly for over 7000 customers in 118 countries and protecting hundreds of millions of dollars of software.


With Protection PLUS, you can enforce license compliance and provide copy protection for your software with the security and flexibility you need. Learn more about features.


We can help you build very complex customized solutions to meet the most demanding licensing and business requirements. Our small company size with big company standards allows us to offer customization services that large companies simply do not offer.


When also using SOLO Server, Electronic License Activation (ELA) and Electronic License Management (ELM) allows you to maintain even more control of your software after it leaves your possession. You can automate the license activation process and disbursement of software updates and periodically validate customers' licenses. This gives you the control and security of a licensing system without the hassle of manually processing and managing activations.


Do you need to get a feel for the SoftwareKey System before making a buying commitment? You can download a full-featured 30-Day Trial of Protection PLUS right now!