Protection PLUS Features

Protection PLUS gives you control over your software even after it has been downloaded. You can create trials, remotely activate your product, and use licensing tools to manage and update how your software is accessed. Also, you get the guaranteed assurance of knowing that the SoftwareKey System can grow as your needs change, and its reliability has been field proven for over two decades.

Protection PLUS is available as two different licensing clients, Instant Protection PLUS 3 and Protection PLUS 5 SDK (software development kit). Instant Protection PLUS 3 uses a wizard interface and requires little or no source code changes to implement the most commonly requested licensing business logic and user interface. Protection PLUS 5 SDK offers robust interfaces to give your development team complete control and flexibility over all the licensing features and user interface. They both share these features:

Primary Licensing
  • Create evaluation/trial licenses based on time, number of executions
  • Immediate software activation via phone, fax, email, or the Internet
  • Generate subscription-based licenses that expire unless periodically renewed
  • ​Introduce pay-per-use or other consumption-based licenses
  • ​Assemble feature-based (modular) applications where every customer receives a customized set of features
  • ​Distribute different editions (e.g., Gold/Silver/Platinum) with the same installer
  • Use fingerprinting to detect copying and control the number of devices allowed per license
  • Incorporate full integration with SOLO Server for automation and vast possibilities for greater efficiencies
Flexible Electronic License Activation (SOLO Server recommended)
  • Allow customers to activate software licenses via:
    • Direct online activation (SOLO Server required)
    • Indirect activation through nearby computer with Internet access for disconnected devices (SOLO Server required)
    • Offline activation through an exchange of codes
  • Send custom license parameters during activation
  • Extend an evaluation or subscription-based license for an additional period of time
  • Permit access to selected features/modules of a modular application (additional modules may be activated later)
  • Facilitate conversion of upgrades (e.g., immediately move up to the Platinum Edition from the Gold Edition upon receipt of payment)
Maintain control with Electronic License Management (SOLO Server required)
  • License transfers from one device to another
  • License revocation from server
  • Periodic license validation

SOLO Server Compatibility – SOLO Server is specifically designed to work with Instant Protection PLUS 3 and Protection PLUS 5 SDK. Together, they create the advanced solution that is the SoftwareKey System. You get the most powerful overall solution driven by combined technologies: the speed of traditional software e-commerce, the hands-free automation of Electronic License Activation and Management (ELA/ELM), and centralized controls to manage license enforcement

Instant Protection PLUS 3

When using Instant Protection PLUS 3, you will step through a wizard interface to select your license settings. The license dialog that your customers use will be creating automatically based on the settings you choose, and can include various activation options. To apply these setting to your application, you will need to choose either the Instant Protection PLUS 3 wrapper or DLL interface. Either approach includes the licensing features listed above.

Instant Protection PLUS 3 Wrapper

Instant Protection PLUS 3 can wrap (.EXE) files, dynamic link libraries (.DLL), and other Win32 binary files like .OCX, .SCR files. This excludes .NET binaries (as these are not standard Win32 PE files), as well as any native x64 binaries. If your program fits the Win32 PE criteria, the wrapping option is ideal as it does not require you to change any of your application's source code to implement the main licensing features. Wrapping also helps protect your Win32 application code in the following ways:

  • Compress & encrypt
  • Protect from being modified by any means in order to change their functionality
  • Check for integrity at startup
  • Protect process space, which holds a protected executable from being dumped by process dumping tools or modified
  • Protect an executable from being disassembled and analyzed by debuggers
  • Protect an executable from being patched on disc
  • Protect code, data, and resources stored in an executable from being analyzed and modified by hex editors
  • Protection from many debuggers and decompilers

Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL Interface

Using the Instant Protection PLUS DLL (IP2Lib32.DLL or IP2Lib64.DLL) interface requires that you make a simple source code change to your application. Any applications that can call the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL, including .NET and 64-bit applications, can use this approach.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK

Revel in the extensive libraries and take complete control over the licensing implementation and handle more complex requirements. You'll have complete flexibility in using custom licensing business logic, and also be able to create custom license dialogs. In addition to the features listed at the top of this page, Protection PLUS 5 SDK also includes these features:

Primary Licensing Features
  • Read encrypted and digitally-signed license files, using XML format for incredible flexibility and extensibility
  • Employ read-only and writable license files to balance security and flexibility for different licensing approaches
Flexible Electronic License Activation Features
  • Send custom license parameters during activation with near-limitless extensibility
  • Provide multiple activation methods, via:
    • Downloadable license files from the SOLO Server customer license portal
    • Volume activation with no device fingerprinting
Maintain control of activation applications with Electronic License Management
  • License file “refreshes” to update license data whenever a change is made on the server
  • All standard and custom license parameters, which are mirrored from server to client with each activation method