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SOLO Server, our central licensing server for automated license activation and management, is available in three different packages. This includes two Software as a Service (SaaS) options as well as a self-hosted option:

  • SOLO Server Shared / Custom URL - Managed service gets you running in minutes using our IT infrastructure and domain.  Common for companies who typically prefer the hands-off nature of managed SaaS applications.
  • SOLO Server Dedicated URL - Managed service using your domain name on our IT infrastructure with advanced customizability & integration options, and also portability to your IT infrastructure in the future.  Provides a hybrid solution for those companies who prefer the hands-off nature of managed SaaS applications but not to be locked into them.
  • SOLO Server Self-Hosted - Royalty-free use of the application on your own IT infrastructure for complete autonomy.

SOLO Server
Shared / Custom URL

SOLO Server
Dedicated URL

SOLO Server

Hosting Options 1

Managed Service (SaaS)

Managed Service (SaaS)

Self-Hosted / On-Premise


Pay for usage

Pay for usage

One time license fee

Features and Functionality

All packages include the same base features and functionality

Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing Available 2

In some cases

Business Continuity Subscription Available 3


Custom Branding of Shopping Cart and License Portal

Advanced Customizability & Integration Options



Multiple Sub-Accounts



Multi-Tenant Product Catalog 6



Integration / Deployment




Server Domain Name (URL)

Customer choice

Customer choice

Hosting Responsibility 1




IT Infrastructure Required

IT Administrator Recommended

IT Infrastructure Portability 4

Requires Customer-Supplied SSL Certificate

Merchant Account Required 5

For Integrated e-Commerce (applicable to all packages)


Starting at $49/month

Starting at $2,999
and $399/month

Starting at $9,999

Software Updates and Standard Support

Included in monthly fee

Included in monthly fee

20% of license cost annually

  1. Hosting Options: Managed Service (SaaS) - SoftwareKey has invested significant time and money in its hosting platform, using a large commercial data center with physical security, redundant cooling, redundant power grid connections (tier 4 class), UPS and generator backups that are tested regularly, as well as multiple major backbone connections to the Internet. Only duly authorized personnel are allowed inside of the data center facility, and only designated employees are allowed to connect to our servers through a Virtual Private Network. We have redundant firewalls, a commercial load-balancer, and multiple front-end web servers that operate in a load-balanced, failover configuration. We employ multiple database servers. All servers are backed-up several times per day and sent to a geographically distant data center in the unlikely event of a disaster. We use multiple third-party commercial services to monitor our hosting facility and application availability from 21 locations around the world.  There are many benefits offered by the SOLO Server Dedicated URL option, and the higher cost covers the significant amount of resources required to setup and maintain this service on our robust hosting platform.
  2. Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing Available - Protection PLUS 5 SDK has a basic system for Network Floating Licensing using a local file server and no special server software required. In cases where it is not practical or feasible to use the simple system (such as for high-load and/or WAN environments), it is also possible to use SOLO Server to enforce concurrent seat limitations. In this case, SOLO Server web services are used to manage the state of each "session." These web services may also be used to automate authorization of "check-outs" for temporary, off-line use of the licensed application.
  3. Business Continuity Subscription Available - For large customers who have specific requirements for business continuity plans in the unlikely event that a catastrophic event occurs with the SoftwareKey IT infrastructure, SOLO Server Dedicated URL customers can subscribe to an optional service to receive automated backups of their SOLO Server database and a backup server license to self-host.
  4. IT Infrastructure Portability - Because the application uses a domain name that you own and a completely isolated database, the application can be moved to any IT infrastructure with minimal downtime and no re-configuration of software application or additional employee training. For this reason, SOLO Server Shared / Custom URL is not recommended if you intend to eventually host the application internally.  There is no way to migrate from SOLO Server Shared / Custom URL to Dedicated or Self-Hosted options.
  5. Merchant Account Required - A merchant account and compatible payment gateway are required to use the optional integrated SOLO Server shopping cart. A credit card payment gateway is a service which links your site to a merchant bank network. What are my options for obtaining my own merchant account? See also: Choosing an eCommerce System for selling your Licensed Applications.
  6. Multi-Tenant Catalog Mode - This feature of SOLO Server allows a "master" catalog to be maintained on a "parent" author account, with the ability to replicate the master catalog to "child" author accounts. This is intended for scenarios involving subsidiaries or distributors, where the customers and licenses should be segregated for each subsidiary/distributor, but product catalog maintenance and software builds are done against the master catalog data.  Refer to Distributors & Subsidiaries can now self-manage licenses

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