SOLO Server Overview

The real fun starts when you use SOLO Server™ in combination with Protection PLUS to automate the operations of an online software business. Making money licensing your products has never been as easy, effective and efficient!

SOLO Server is power packed with features including Electronic License Activation (ELA) which allows your customers to activate their software 24 hours a day while Electronic License Management (ELM) allows you to maintain control over license compliance. You can also utilize SOLO Server's optional e-Commerce features for a one stop solution to automate the sales of licenses to your customers. Alternatively, you can use SOLO Server just as the licensing server and integrate your own e-Commerce solution or not use any e-Commerce solution if your product is not sold online.

  • Automate the license activation and sales process with secure "hands-free" remote activation
  • Capture a valuable database of information on your customers, licenses, and sales
  • Reach new markets
  • Get real-time reports
  • Save time and generate money with your software 24/7…and so much more!

SOLO Server has processed millions of license activations and validations, a few per day for some of our customers and thousands per day for others. It has also processed millions of transactions with our optional e-Commerce engine, which you can start using right away or add later. With SOLO Server, you'll find the flexibility to meet your needs today and what you will want in the future. An on-demand (SaaS) account can be set up in minutes!

Choose the package that works for you

SOLO Server is available in three different packages; you can choose from two managed/hosted services or a turnkey server that you host on your own infrastructure:

  • Instant SOLO Server Shared URL - Managed service gets you running in minutes using a shared URL ( or This is our most popular choice.
  • Instant SOLO Server Dedicated URL - Managed service with your own domain. Can be moved to your IT infrastructure.
  • SOLO Server - Run everything on your own in-house server with our flagship turnkey package.

Combine SOLO Server with Protection PLUS

SOLO Server is specifically designed to work with Instant Protection PLUS 3 or Protection PLUS 5 SDK. Together, they create the advanced solution that is the SoftwareKey System.

  • Protection PLUS secures your software locally and expands your distribution choices.
  • SOLO Server automates the activation process via the internet and also allows the license to be easily validated or updated.

You get the most powerful overall solution driven by combined technologies: the speed of traditional software e-commerce, the hands-free automation of Electronic License Activation and Management (ELA/ELM), and centralized controls to manage license enforcement.