New Product with Automatic Protection: AutoCrypt® SL

By Tanner O  |  Releases

Posted:  January 13

We are happy to release a new product that has been under development with our partner MARX CryptoTech LP, combining the industry-standard Protection PLUS licensing SDK along with fast and secure automatic protection with a wider range of application types. 

AutoCrypt SL Overview Video:


  • Software protection and license management for applications without programming efforts
  • Automatic protection (wrapper) for a wide range of application types, including most  Windows native 32/64-bit EXEs and DLLs and Windows .NET 32/64-bit EXEs.
  • Uses Protection PLUS 5 SDK licensing technology where the license will be bound to the computer and activated online.
  • Full integration with SOLO Server for 24/7 online licensing and optional e-Commerce services provide you with a flexible license management for your software solutions.
  • Easy to use wizard interface!

Choose your license options in the wizard interface.

The wrapper can be used to apply the licensing protection to most applications.

The license dialog presented to the customer gives them the option to purchase, activate or evaluate.


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