New Product with Automatic Protection: AutoCrypt® SL

By Tanner O | Releases

Jan 13

We are happy to release a new product that has been under development with our partner MARX CryptoTech LP, combining the industry-standard Protection PLUS licensing SDK along with fast and secure automatic protection with a wider range of application types. 

AutoCrypt SL Overview Video:


  • Software protection and license management for applications without programming efforts
  • Automatic protection (wrapper) for a wide range of application types, including most  Windows native 32/64-bit EXEs and DLLs and Windows .NET 32/64-bit EXEs.
  • Uses Protection PLUS 5 SDK licensing technology where the license will be bound to the computer and activated online.
  • Full integration with SOLO Server for 24/7 online licensing and optional e-Commerce services provide you with a flexible license management for your software solutions.
  • Easy to use wizard interface!

About the Author

Tanner Ochel is a systematically supreme SoftwareKey support and service scientist! When not focused on software and technology, he is out adventuring with his dog, Radlee.