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By Mike Wozniak  |  General

Posted:  March 1

Well, here we are… finally!  Concept Software / SoftwareKey.com  is at long last advancing into the 21st century of social media and launching our company blog site.  This is something that we have wanted to do for quite some time now, but… oh, you know how the old adage about the “best of intentions” goes!

We are essentially a bunch of dedicated software developers and we prefer, quite frankly, to spend our time coding rather than worry about matters related to, for example, marketing activities.   The primary goal of this blog is, therefore, to provide relevant information to our customers and prospects not only about the numerous uses and plentiful features of the SoftwareKey Licensing System, but to also explore vitally important principles and concepts in areas such as software licensing techniques, IT infrastructure, and even business development, to name a few.   We all learn new and interesting things every day in our individual jobs, and we figure that this blog is the perfect vehicle to share those ideas (which, incidentally, may occasionally be sprinkled with a dash of humor and wit to brighten what may be an otherwise blah day) with folks like you!

We recently received a fabulous gift from one of our friends, as pictured above.   How incredibly appropriate to send a computer keyboard “Welcome” mat to a software company, and how even more befitting to share a snapshot of this mat in our very first blog post welcoming you, dear reader!  We now proudly display this Welcome mat outside of our office headquarters located in picturesque Winter Garden, Florida.   If you ever make your way to Walt Disney World (we are practically in Mickey’s backyard!) or happen to be passing through the greater Orlando area, feel free to stop by and meet our friendly team.  You’ll know you are in the right place when you see the cute keyboard Welcome mat!

We invite you to register your e-mail address with us so we can provide you some useful licensing tips – no matter what licensing system you may choose.  We solemnly promise to never share your e-mail address with any third parties, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

About the Author

Mike Wozniak is the founder of SoftwareKey.com and responsible for marketing, content and product strategy. When he isn't plotting new ways to help customers solve licensing and business automation challenges, he likes to travel and entertain guests who come to visit the Orlando area.

Mike Wozniak


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