May 08

Why Software Licensing is a Smart Move

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips


This three minute read will validate your decision to use a licensing system and empower you with information as you select the best solution for your needs. Today’s licensing system solutions can deliver more than ever right out of the box and are highly adaptable as your needs evolve. Modern software licensing solutions prove invaluable […]

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Apr 19

SOLO Server Released with new Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing

By Steve Marsh | Releases

We are happy to announce the latest release of SOLO Server – Build Significant changes and new features are highlighted below.New Cloud Controlled Network Floating Licensing FeaturesUnder the control of network floating licensing, software can be installed on many or all computers throughout your customer’s organization allowing a prescribed number of end-users (determined by […]

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Mar 07

How to Protect a Web Application with Licensing Controls

By Abram P | General Licensing Tips

Web applications are technically different from traditional, desktop applications, in several ways. Consequently, they come with some unique challenges and options for licensing. The first challenge with licensing a web application is determining its license model. In addition to the many license models that apply to all applications, web applications can also have licenses limited […]

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Feb 09

Choosing a Wizard-Based Licensing Client

By Tanner O | Our Product Tips

AutoCrypt SL or Instant Protection PLUS 3Throughout our company’s 25+ year history, we have developed many different licensing clients to support the wide range of licensing requirements, programming languages, operating systems, and processor architectures available today. This post will compare our two wizard-based licensing clients which make it easy to apply licensing and copy protection […]

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