Jul 25

Product Activation: Fingerprints, Copy Protection, Disconnected Computers

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips

For the most control, protected applications typically rely on some form of product activation process. A good licensing system will offer solutions for computers directly connected to the internet as well as for those that are not. ​During application startup, the protected software application will open and read its license file. This file can contain many […]

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Jul 17

Protection PLUS July 2017 releases

By Dan H. | Releases

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version this new version of Protection PLUS 5 SDK, Visual Studio 2017 compatibility has been verified, and the new IDE is fully supported (including new sample projects). We also added new samples using WPF and the MVVM model, which simplifies integration of our licensing into your own MVVM application. Another […]

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Jul 13

Protection PLUS Maintenance Requirement for SOLO Server Automation Customers

By Mike Wozniak | General

The SoftwareKey System provides several license management solutions and is comprised of:Protection: Protection PLUS (licensing client) – This component is included in your software, which is distributed to customers. It controls access to your software.Automation: ​SOLO Sever (licensing server/service) – Protection PLUS connects to a central licensing server on the web to automatically activate and […]

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May 08

Why Software Licensing is a Smart Move

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips


This three minute read will validate your decision to use a licensing system and empower you with information as you select the best solution for your needs. Today’s licensing system solutions can deliver more than ever right out of the box and are highly adaptable as your needs evolve. Modern software licensing solutions prove invaluable […]

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Apr 19

SOLO Server Released with new Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing

By Steve Marsh | Releases

We are happy to announce the latest release of SOLO Server – Build Significant changes and new features are highlighted below.New Cloud Controlled Network Floating Licensing FeaturesUnder the control of network floating licensing, software can be installed on many or all computers throughout your customer’s organization allowing a prescribed number of end-users (determined by […]

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