Feb 07

Licensing Client: Wizard-Based or Advanced SDK

By Tanner O | Our Product Tips

Throughout our company’s 25+ year history, we have developed many different licensing clients to support the wide range of licensing requirements, programming languages, operating systems, and processor architectures. Whether you want something simple or something more powerful, we have a tool to accommodate you. This post will help you decide between the simple and advanced […]

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Jan 23

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version released

By Dan H. | Releases

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version has been released! Our PLUSNative library uses a well-supported open source encryption component called OpenSSL.   We had previously updated to OpenSSL version 1.1 to address some issues seen under specific situations; however, it also caused some issues when PLUSNative was used in a static library.   The OpenSSL community knows […]

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Dec 20

How to license .NET components and controls using Microsoft’s LicenseProvider Class

By Dan H. | General Licensing Tips

Microsoft allows software developers to create tools which extend and add functionality to Visual Studio, making software developers more productive. If you are a .NET component or control developer, it is important to protect your intellectual property with a method to verify that a developer is authorized to use your product. With an ordinary application, […]

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Dec 15

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version released!

By Dan H. | Releases

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version has been released! For Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition (Windows) we have upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.0. This is the latest branch that will be backed by the OpenSSL team for years to come. This release of Protection PLUS 5 SDK NET Edition introduces a new sample demonstrating Microsoft’s LicenseProvider for […]

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Nov 29

SOLO Server Build has been released with a completely new look!

By Steve Marsh | Releases

Author Administration Interface Redesign The administrative interface of SOLO Server has been completely redesigned. Some highlights of the new design include: Responsive Layout: The prior fixed-width design has been replaced with a responsive design which works much better with smartphones, tablets, and high resolution displays. Improved Menu: The menu system has been greatly simplified, and […]

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