SOLO Server Released

By Steve Marsh  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  September 29

SOLO Server Release

We are happy to announce the latest release of SOLO Server – Build Significant changes and new features are highlighted below.

Customer License Portal Support for License Based Sessions

In the previous release of SOLO Server, we introduced the concept of a customer session based on the License ID and License Activation Password, and added support for this type of session to the recurring payment management pages. With this release of SOLO Server, we have extended this support to all license specific pages in the customer license portal. The following pages are now accessible through this new mechanism:

  • License Details
  • License Agreement & Download
  • Download License File
  • Manual Activation
  • Installation History
  • Recurring Payment Details

In addition, links to the License Details page on invoices that are sent by email now include the License ID and Activation Password, allowing users to directly click on the link in the invoice to manage their licenses without needing to first log in to the customer license portal

Shopping Cart Login Enhancements

Two enhancements have been made to the shopping cart login functionality:

  • Previously, when accessing the shopping cart while logged in to the administrative interface, you could simply enter the customer email in the New Customers section and if a customer already existed with the given email, the existing customer would automatically be associated with the cart. This mechanism was not clear and caused confusion. With this release, in this scenario you will now be presented with a single New/Existing Customer login form to enter the customer email address.
  • Previously, providing a customer with a link to a pre-built shopping cart required including the customer password in the link. With this release, the shopping cart now supports logging in to an existing cart, eliminating the need to include the customer password in the link.

New Features in the Administrative Interface

Several new features have been added to the administrative interface:

  • As part of a previous refactoring effort to simplify the logic for creating and updating customer records, we removed the functionality to automatically merge any customer records with the same email address and password when creating or updating a customer record. With this release, we have added new functionality to allow users to manually merge child records from one customer to another. This can be reached through a new Customers / Merge Customers menu entry, and requires Manage Records permission to access.
  • new Customers Export Report is now available. This report allows exporting customer data in CSV or XML format, optionally filtering on entered or modified date, as well as whether the customer records are registered and/or disabled. This is reachable through a new Reports / Customers / Export menu entry, and requires Report Access permission to access.
  • All changes to user account records are now audited. Audit history for a user account can now be viewed through a new View Audit History button on the user configuration page. In addition, audit history can now be exported through the audit export report reachable through Reports / Auditing / Users.
  • Users with Manage Records permission can now edit the Customer ID on invoices.
  • The manual has been updated to use a new HTML5 based, responsive layout.
  • The XmlCustomerService.GetCustomerDataByAuthor web method now returns RemainingActivations and RemainingDeactivations for each license, as well as LicenseCounter for licenses with it populated.

Read the full release notes, and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

About the Author

Steve Marsh is a Software Engineer with SoftwareKey and has worked on development of their SOLO Server software licensing server product for nearly 15 years. Outside of software development, he is an avid Chicago sports fan and a voracious reader.

Steve Marsh


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