SOLO Server Released

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Posted:  April 7

SOLO Server Release

Springtime is finally here, and we are happy to announce the latest SOLO Server release While this release contains quite a few enhancements and changes “under the hood,” there are some notable new features that you may want to leverage:

  • When a customer creates a new Customer account through the shopping cart or through the customer license portal, they were always presented with two checkboxes that defaulted to checked: “Notify me of product updates related to my purchase” and “Notify me of new products and special offers.” Now each author can control whether these checkboxes are included on the customer registration page and whether they are defaulted to checked or unchecked. To control the display of the checkboxes or their default state, go to Authors / Storefront & Files / Cart Options and look for:
    • Enable Offer Checkboxes
    • Offers Default Checked
  • The old customer details page has been permanently retired and replaced by the new .NET version which was introduced in SOLO Server
  • If you leverage payment plans (automatic recurring payments) for orders placed through the shopping cart, you may already know it has long been very easy to disable the payment plan and relevant licenses from the Customer Details page.  These changes could also occur automatically if too many attempts to charge the payment plan instance (an individual, automatic recurring payment) failed.  Prior to this release, reversing these changes (to re-enable affected payment plan instances and licenses) used to be a little laborious.  We are pleased to announce there is a new Enable button on the payment plan instance configuration page, which makes it quick and easy to re-enable the payment plan (to continue billing/charges) and resets all licenses linked to this payment plan instance back to OK status (so your customer can resume use of the licenses).  In other words, if your customers’ licenses are disabled due to billing problems, you can quickly reset their account back into good standing.
  • The shopping cart invoice templates now display activation instructions for all product option types, including Activation Code with Days Left and Activation Code with License Counter. In addition, for Protection PLUS 5 Volume License and Downloadable License with Trigger Code Validation option types, a message with instructions and a link to the customer license portal license details page to download the license file is displayed.
  • When customizing the shopping cart display template or uploading files to be delivered to the user after purchase, the Authors / Storefront & Files / Files menu option was used to upload files to SOLO Server. The user interface on this page was completely reworked.
  • There is a new description field on priority codes, which is useful to track internal notes on the purpose of each priority code.
  • The Reports / Licenses / Export report now always saves the file to disk. In addition, a new Filter by Date option allows either filtering by date range or exporting all data.

You can read the full release notes here.

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