SOLO Server Released

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Posted:  November 9

SOLO Server Release

We recently finalized and posted our latest build of SOLO Server:, which offers several small new feature enhancements as summarized below:

  • Customers who log into the Customer License Portal can now filter out deactivated installation records. This allows customers who activate software licenses on many computers to only see the currently active installation records, which makes them easier to manage.
  • The Customer Details page in the administration interface now has a button to trigger the Forgot Password email to the customer’s email address. In the near future, the Customer Password will be masked on the Customer Details page if it was chosen by the customer, and this button will make it easy for a customer support representative to help the customer reset their password.
  • The Email Customer button on the License Details page now supports the [varLicenseeName] and [varLicenseeEmail] variables inside of mailing templates. The licensee fields, specified by either the administrator or the customer, make it possible to identify who is assigned the license. It is now possible to include this information when sending an email template to the customer.
  • When store credit is redeemed through the shopping cart, details about the redemption is now exposed in the administration interface.
  • Several changes affecting Instant Protection PLUS 3 including:
    • Wizard integration improvements.
    • Offline activation now returns the Activation Password to match the online activation process.
    • UpdateCheck improvements to support features coming in the next release of Instant Protection PLUS.
  • Several SOLO Server manual enhancements including more description explanations of certain functionality and an reorganization of the table of contents to better highlight the most relevant topics and progression of information.

Read the full release notes.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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