SOLO Server Build has been Released with a Completely New Look!

By Steve Marsh  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  November 29

Author Administration Interface Redesign

  • Responsive Layout: The prior fixed-width design has been replaced with a responsive design which works much better with smartphones, tablets, and high resolution displays.
  • Improved Menu: The menu system has been greatly simplified, and now works on touch devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Modernized Technologies: The new design is underpinned using modern technologies, which will be leveraged going forward to allow us to further improve the user interface.

To assist in transitioning to the new menu, we have created a menu transition guide which maps the old menu entries to the new menu entries. This can be reached from the Help menu on the upper right when logged in to the administrative interface.

The administrative interface of SOLO Server has been completely redesigned. Some highlights of the new design include:

For more details on these changes read our blog post SOLO Server Author Administration Interface Redesign.

  • Customer Nickname is now External Reference
  • One Time Use Priority Codes now Enabled on Instant SOLO Shared URL

The customer Nickname field has now been renamed to External Reference, now allows up to 100 characters, and no longer requires a unique value.The customer Nickname field was originally added to SOLO Server to facilitate an integration with DotNetBB forums, which has been out of use for quite some time. While we initially planned to simply remove this field as part of the decommissioning of the forum integration, we found that many customers had repurposed this field to hold a reference to an external system. As a result, we have decided to retain this field, rename it more appropriately, and relax the prior restrictions which were imposed by the forum integration.Due to customer demand, we have enabled one-time use priority codes on Instant SOLO Server Shared URL. To create a one-time use priority code, simply create a code starting with the # character. Upon first use, the code will be removed from the system and unavailable for use by any other customer.Customers using Instant SOLO Server Dedicated URL who would like one-time use priority codes enabled can contact us to enable this feature.

Other Enhancements

  • The email customer functionality on the license details page now supports the [varCompanyName] search/replace in the subject of the email, as well as a new [varUserPONumber] search/replace for the invoice User PO Number field in both the subject and body of the email.
  • When an order from FastSpring is processed, a notification email is now sent to users with Notify Orders permission.

Read the full release notes, and feel free to contact us

About the Author

Steve Marsh is a Software Engineer with SoftwareKey and has worked on development of their SOLO Server software licensing server product for nearly 15 years. Outside of software development, he is an avid Chicago sports fan and a voracious reader.

Steve Marsh


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