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FastSpring and SoftwareKey – bringing together the best in eCommerce and software licensing

By Mike Wozniak  |  General

Posted:  August 25


When you’re selling software, you’re selling the license to use it, and now at long last there’s a unified platform where sales and security work together for customers’ improved peace of mind.

This new solution is provided through the integration of two powerful tools for software developers. SoftwareKey licensing now works with FastSpring ecommerce for a seamless sales process that saves developers time and headaches. Protected by the SoftwareKey System and accessible through FastSpring, software is purchased and delivered with the convenience and automation developers and their customers want.


FastSpring’s incredible e-commerce platform is equal parts power and flexibility. Perfect for businesses of any size, the robust feature choices provide e-commerce resources that include product fulfillment options, subscriptions and recurring billing, one-time purchases and more. The platform features are fully customizable, and can be tailored to your exact needs. Whether you’re selling to customers locally or on the other side of the globe, FastSpring helps you maximize conversions, increase sales, and grow your business.

Top FastSpring Features Include:

  • Shopping cart and bundled merchant account with customer support
  • Multiple languages and currency options
  • Many online and offline payment methods
  • Subscription models and recurring billing
  • Purchase fulfillment and notification options


The SoftwareKey System, a product from SoftwareKey.com, provides powerful and flexible development tools and services to software companies ranging from solopreneurs all the way to Fortune 500 companies to help with product licensing, activation, copy protection, license management, and license automation. You can quickly implement the most common licensing requirements with ease, and you have the flexibility to customize the implementation to best meet your needs, and make your customers very happy.

Top SoftwareKey features:

  • Create licenses based upon many license parameters
  • Flexible Electronic License Activation features
  • Maintain control of activated applications with Electronic License Management options

A Powerful Combination

The integration between FastSpring and SoftwareKey System brings together the best technologies of software licensing and eCommerce.

Thank you for the SOLO Server FastSpring integration! I chose FastSpring because of their “reseller store” and your integration is working perfectly because of the way SOLO Server can respond to the powerful FastSpring fulfillment actions. This is really cool for anyone who sells through resellers or Value Added Resellers. I was able to configure everything by following your configuration manual topic. Great job!

John Paterson, DingoSoft

There are three compelling ways that SoftwareKey compliments the subscription management features of FastSpring’s industry-leading services:

  1. The subscription verification APIs offered by FastSpring are great for basic validation of a subscription when both devices are able to communicate with each other. But let’s face it, even though internet service is readily available these days, it can’t be guaranteed at all times and at all places. With the explosion of software running on various new platforms and devices such as mobile and embedded/IoT devices, securely caching your license/subscription status increases your application’s reliability and availability, since local validation can take place during the subscription period.
  2. Software developers are becoming very creative with licensing business logic to meet the demands of their customers, so it is nice for them to be able to tap into the power of a robust licensing API inside of the software application.
  3. Using a licensing system along with subscription management allows additional control of the number of instances or devices on which a subscription can be installed.

How SoftwareKey licensing works with FastSpring

With an integration of the SoftwareKey System and FastSpring, you can spend more time focusing on improving your software while the licensing and eCommerce combination ensures you can capture more sales. Here are the components of the combined system:

  • FastSpring sells the software license and informs SoftwareKey SOLO Server to create the license
  • SOLO Server automates the delivery of the license to the customer’s computer
  • Protection PLUS validates, caches, and manages the license

More Details

Protection PLUS is the licensing client API inside of the SoftwareKey System. When a software license is activated on the remote computer or device, a cached copy of the encrypted license file is stored locally. The device can run disconnected from any type of license server using the cached copy of the license, which securely stores all of the license parameters granted by the license or subscription. When the local license becomes stale (as defined by the software developer using Protection PLUS) it can be refreshed with SOLO Server, the licensing server of the SoftwareKey System. FastSpring updates the license status in SOLO Server whenever a change occurs.

Protection PLUS licensing APIs are available with many features and for a wide range of programming languages and environments, including:

  • Get started quickly with wizard-driven implementation or leverage a robust SDK limited only by your imagination
  • Both desktop and server applications
  • .NET / Java / Native languages
  • Windows / Mac OSX / Linux operating systems
  • Android devices
  • Coming soon: Embedded / IoT devices such as Raspberry Pi and ARM

Implementation of the Protection PLUS APIs inside of the protected software application ensures:

  • The software will run in disconnected environments or when there are general Internet connectivity issues or communication problems
  • Implementation of complex licensing business logic
  • The ability to control the number of copies or instances of the software subscription which can be deployed and used.

For instructions on how to configure the integration between FastSpring and SOLO Server, refer to the Configuring FastSpring manual topic.

About the Author

Mike Wozniak is the founder of SoftwareKey.com and responsible for marketing, content and product strategy. When he isn't plotting new ways to help customers solve licensing and business automation challenges, he likes to travel and entertain guests who come to visit the Orlando area.

Mike Wozniak


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