Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version Released

By Mike Wozniak | Releases

Jul 26

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version has been released! This release introduces exciting new features, including image steganography and ARMv7 support for Linux!

The steganography feature allows you to store a license or alias within an image file to further hide the data. Simply specify the image file location of an image you are deploying, and the license information will automatically be stored in that image. It’s quick and painless! The image will still be valid and may be viewed without any noticeable changes or degradation to the image data. This feature is currently in beta and supports the bitmap image format.

Now you can license your software on the latest devices! While we already had ARMv7 support for Android Edition, ARMv7 support in Linux is now available with Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition, and is available for Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition upon request (licensed separately). ARMv7 support allows you to license software on IoT devices, such as Raspberry Pi.

For a complete list of changes, view the release notes here.


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