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Posted:  July 28

SOLO Server Release

SOLO Server Build has many minor enhancements and fixes.

FastSpring eCommerce Integration Enhancements

For customers needing advanced eCommerce capabilities for both one-time as well as subscription license purchases, the FastSpring integration available in SOLO Server Build was further improved in this build with additional FastSpring notification enhancements. Customers using the combined FastSpring and SoftwareKey services are experiencing the best in eCommerce and software license management together as one. Some related blog posts:

Customer License Portal Recurring Payment Management Enhancements

Recurring payment management in the customer license portal has been enhanced with several improvements:

  • The recurring payment details page has been completely reworked, with an updated look and feel matching the rest of the customer license portal, and now displays additional information along with details on the licenses associated with the payment plan instance.
  • The recurring payments listing page now displays the payment plan name rather than the product name, linked to the updated recurring payment details page.
  • The recurring payment management pages now support authentication through the License ID and License Activation Password, allowing them to be accessed through a direct link without requiring logging in to the customer license portal.
  • The links to view or cancel a payment plan subscription in invoices sent by email now uses this new mechanism, allowing customers to directly update their payment details or cancel their subscriptions without needing to go through the login page.
  • The table inserted into the [varRenewals] search/replace field in the pending payment plan notification daily process now includes an additional column with a View/Cancel link for each payment plan instance, also using this new mechanism.

SOLO Server Shared URL Enhancements

  • Activations on closed accounts are now rejected with ResultCode 5033. See this knowledge base article for further details on this change.
  • In the prior version of SOLO Server Shared URL, the amount of credit left for customers who prepay their service fees was exposed on the home page. Now, a new Purchase Credits link will appear next to the credit amount which can be used to purchase additional credit. Note that it may take up to one business day for newly purchased credits to be reflected on your account.
  • When reached through the Reports / Sales / Monthly menu item, the Monthly Summary Report now defaults the date range to the current month to date rather than to the previous month.
  • Trial accounts can now add licenses through the XmlLicenseService.Add and LicenseServer.AddLicenseAndUnregisteredCustomer web methods. Any licenses added through these web methods will be marked as test licenses and purged at the beginning of the month.

Web Services Enhancements

  • The XmlLicenseService.InfoCheck web method now includes the LicenseCounter in the response xml document.
  • The XmlCustomerService.CustomerLogin web method now returns the CustomerID in the response xml document. In addition, a new ActivationPassword element is now supported in the request xml document, which when provided along with a LicenseID will attempt to authenticate using the License ID and License Activation Password.
  • The XmlLicenseService.Add web method now supports a new IsTestLicense element in the request xml document, which when set to true will flag the new license as a test license.
  • A new IsTestLicense element will now be included in the result xml document for any licenses flagged as a test license for the XmlLicenseService.InfoCheck, XmlActivationService.ActivateInstallation, XmlActivationService.ActivateInstallationLicenseFile, and XmlLicenseFileService.GetLicenseFile web methods.

Other Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The Notify Declines Hard and Notify Declines Soft user/group notification settings are now generally available and no longer restricted to users with Master User permission. Users and groups with these settings enabled will receive email notifications when an order through the shopping cart is declined.
  • A new Require Registration setting has been added to the customer license portal options. When enabled, after logging in any customers that are marked as unregistered will be required to enter their customer details before being allowed to proceed.
  • To pave the way for some exciting new user interfaces and API interfaces coming in SOLO Server, the system requirements were updated to require .NET Framework 4.6.1.

Read the full release notes. Note that the features mentioned in this blog post start with SOLO Server build, which were not publicly announced releases.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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