Freshly Brewed! Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition

By Mike Wozniak  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  May 12

Hold onto your cup, because, the powerhouse Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition has just been brewed. Non-Java developers have been using and loving Protection PLUS 5 SDK, an all new, built-from-the-ground-up addition to the SoftwareKey family. The SoftwareKey Team is stoked to be offering this full featured solution for Java developers. It’s a bold alternative to Instant Protection PLUS 3 which serves as the go to tool for Java Developers looking for a quick and easy, down and dirty, get it done licensing solution on Windows platforms. Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition is available right now in developer preview, ready to support a full range of licensing scenarios.

We created a next-generation Application Programming Interface (API) that is consistent over Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. This toolkit provides smooth integration and the flexibility is more empowering than ever. It is inspired by the same powerful technologies and experiences that have made Protection PLUS 4 the licensing system of choice for thousands of software developers for over 20 years.

Designed so Java developers will experience that perfect buzz from the dynamic features and field-proven Protection PLUS 5 APIs employed and celebrated over the last year. Like a barista creating different designs in the crema, you’ll have the ability to integrate the licensing user interface inside of the application as you deem most appropriate. Take a taste with a sample desktop application included for reference purposes. Future versions may include other types of Java samples based on demand.

  • Easier than ever to use.  Java supported!
  • New license format.  Greater extensibility!
  • New activation methods.  Endless possibilities!
  • New protections technology.  Greater security!
  • Multiple platforms supported.  Easy with one API!

We welcome all Java developers to explore what you can do when you have the best tools. The possibilities are especially exciting if you are looking to add sophisticated licensing features such as Electronic License Activation™ and Electronic License Management™ to help increase revenues, reduce overhead, and maintain control of your valuable intellectual property. Contact us to evaluate Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition today!

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition – Licensing Library Features

Primary licensing features, which allow your applications to:

  • Create licenses based upon time, number of executions, and/or feature-limited evaluations/trials.
  • Generate subscription-based licenses that expire unless periodically renewed
  • Introduce pay-per-use or other consumption-based licenses
  • Assemble feature-based (modular) applications where every customer receives a customized set of features
  • Distribute different editions (e.g., Gold/Silver/Platinum) with the same installer
  • Read encrypted and digitally-signed license files, using XML format for incredible flexibility and extensibility
  • Employ read-only and writable license files to balance security and flexibility for different licensing approaches
  • Use fingerprinting to detect copying and control the number of devices allowed per license
  • Incorporate full integration with SoftwareKey SOLO Server1 and its wide array of compelling features
  • Design other types of licenses, many of which are discussed in this SoftwareKey Blog post

Flexibility through Electronic License Activation features:

  • Allow customers to immediately enable software licenses
  • Send custom license parameters during activation with near-limitless extensibility
  • Extend an evaluation or subscription-based license for an additional period of time
  • Permit access to selected modules of a modular application (additional modules may be activated later)
  • Facilitate conversion of upgrades (e.g. immediately move up to the Platinum Edition from the Gold Edition upon receipt of payment)
  • Provide multiple activation methods, via:
    • Direct online activation
    • Indirect activation through nearby computer with Internet access for disconnected devices
    • Downloadable license files from the SOLO Server customer license portal
    • Volume activation with no device fingerprinting

Maintain control of activated applications with Electronic License Management options:

  • License file “refreshes” to update license data whenever a change is made on the server• All standard and custom license parameters, which are mirrored from server to client with each activation method
  • License transfers from one device to another
  • License revocation from server
  • Periodic license validation with central license server (SOLO Server)

System Requirements and Supported Devices


  • Java SE 7 or later required (Java SE 8 or later recommended).
  • Intel x86 and AMD 64 (x86_64) architectures are supported for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux environments. Contact us if you need to support an architecture or operating system not listed here.


  • Supported IDEs include:
  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA

What about Java EE applications?

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is an extension of the Java SE platform.  Consequently, both run under the same runtime/Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  If you would like to see a sample for a particular type of Java EE application, contact us and let us know, and a future release may include new samples based on demand.

Getting Started

It’s not uncommon for developers to not take advantage of the full range of capabilities all at once. If you’re at all intrigued, take advantage of working with this early release. You can take each licensing step when you are ready with the knowledge that Protection PLUS 5 SDK for Java will be at the ready to grow with you.

Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive for Protection PLUS 5 SDK, called a “No brainer” by customers upgrading from PLUS 4 SDK. Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. Your Java application will thank you. Your customers’ experience will improve and be energized.

1SoftwareKey SOLO ServerSOLO Server is specifically designed to work with Instant Protection PLUS 3 and Protection PLUS 5 SDK. Together, they create the advanced solution that is the SoftwareKey System. You get the most powerful overall solution driven by combined technologies: the speed of traditional software e-commerce, the hands-free automation of Electronic License Activation and Management (ELA/ELM), and centralized controls to manage license enforcement.

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