Protection PLUS Release with Apple M1 Silicon Support

By Dan H.  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  April 20

Apple M1 chip
Exciting News for ARM64 developers!

There has been big news in the Apple world as they have started the transition from Intel processors to their own Apple silicon processors using ARM64 architecture.  The first wave of Apple silicon hardware uses the new Apple M1 chip.

Team SoftwareKey is excited to announce support for Apple silicon in the latest versions of Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition for macOS and Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition!

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition for macOS includes dynamic and static libraries as well as a universal library that supports x86, x86, and ARM64!  And we have updated the included framework bundle with the universal library.  This makes it easy for a developer to implement licensing for the various macOS hardware.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition now includes Apple silicon support as well as the previously support x86 and x64 architectures for macOS.  But that is not all for ARM64 support!  We have also added Linux ARM64 support to the Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition. 

We don't leave out our .NET developers either.  The PLUSManaged .NET Standard library now supports the HardDiskVolumeSerialIdentifierAlgorithm System Identifier on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms.  This means more "fingerprint" information when implementing copy-protection.  This feature is included in the latest version and is currently in beta.

Other Enhancements

  • With Microsoft .NET 5 out and .NET 6 on the horizon this year, we've added a new ASP.NET 5 sample application that uses the PLUSManaged .NET Standard library.  
  • The Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing samples have been updated to optionally allow use of a volume license to control application modules/features.  Your applications can benefit from a combination of concurrent licensing and control of additional license parameters!

For more information and a complete list of changes, view the release notes here.

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Dan is a software engineer at SoftwareKey with extensive experience in licensing technology and additional experience in video and audio development.

Dan H.


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