Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version Released

By Dan H.  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  February 18

Protection PLUS Release

The Protection PLUS 5 SDK is an incredibly powerful / flexible licensing toolkit, allowing your development team to implement even the most complex licensing business logic.  Team SoftwareKey is always looking for ways to make it easier for developers to overcome the learning curve and quickly implement the powerful Protection PLUS 5 SDK features into their product.

We redesigned and simplified our Protection PLUS 5 SDK launcher application, which allows you to quickly learn how to get started and get help when using Protection PLUS 5 SDK.  The launcher also gives you quick access to the included sample projects and our online manuals.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Launcher Application Screenshot

Protection PLUS 5 SDK .NET Edition

We have added some exciting new sample applications and improvements to current samples.  Protection PLUS 5 SDK .NET Edition users have a new ASP.NET MVC read-only licensing sample application.   In the online manual, there are two new tutorials showing step-by-step use of our ASP.NET MVC sample and Component Model Licensing sample.

The Simple Text Editor sample application has always been one of our showcase samples to demonstrate licensing an application by feature.  It has been updated to demonstrate the new and easy way to define custom licensing parameters in SOLO Server Automation:  Custom Parameter Sets.

Simple Text Editor License Custom Parameter Sets 2

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition

We certainly did not forget about our Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition users either!  There is a new Qt sample demonstrating Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing.  All the native edition samples now also demonstrate validating the Product ID when opening the local license file.

Other Updates and Fixes

Hyper-V virtual switches and adapters are no longer ignored when using the NIC (Network Interface Card) System Identifier.  While this only happens on machines with Hyper-V enabled, if your application requires the system identifiers to be an exact match the fix could result in your protected application requiring affected users to activate again.  This applies to all Editions of Protection PLUS 5 SDK.

For a complete list of changes, view the release notes here.

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Dan is a software engineer at SoftwareKey with extensive experience in licensing technology and additional experience in video and audio development.

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