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Posted:  December 26

SoftwareKey Release

Team SoftwareKey has recently posted releases for both Protection PLUS 5 SDK and SOLO Server, as outlined in this post. These releases contain minor fixes and enhancements for both products.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition now includes a sample application for the Qt cross-platform framework.  If you are developing cross-platform application with Qt, our new sample will kick-start your implementation of our SDK.  The Qt sample includes a project file configured to build on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

We have reworked the proxy server authentication code in our Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition to more robustly handle authentication detection.  If you have yet to add support for proxy servers in your application, our sample applications provide a great example of how to do so.

View the Protection PLUS 5 SDK release notes for a complete list of ​changes.

SOLO Server Build

The latest version of SOLO Server offers the following enhancements:

  • SQL Server 2017 is now officially supported.
  • A new customer license portal option is now available to allow customers to edit the installation names when viewing the installation history for a license. To enable this, choose the new Installation/Computer Name option "Customers may view and edit the installation/computer name".
  • A new "Allow Expired Licenses" Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing option has been added.  When enabled, floating license sessions can be opened even when the Download Expiration field indicates an expiration, providing more control over the behavior.
  • All date fields in the administration interface now have a date picker.
  • The license notes field now supports more than ​255 characters.
  • Extended fraud screening now supports rejecting orders which fail fraud checks.
  • The shopping cart now supports PayPal Payments Standard's mechanism to detect and prevent duplicate order submissions. This must be enabled on your PayPal account - see the knowledge base article How do I prevent customers submitting duplicate PayPal Payments Standard orders? for further details and instructions.

Read the full SOLO Server release notes here.

As always we'd love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out and contact us with your questions and feedback.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version
​Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version

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