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Posted:  April 18

SOLO Server Release

A new release of SOLO Server was deployed for all SOLO Server Shared and Dedicated URL customers.

License Counter Enhancements

Depending upon the menu of licensing options a software vendor makes available to its customers, it may be occasionally necessary to specify an initial limit on the number of users, seats, or credits associated with a given License ID generated through use of SOLO Server. This initial limit, defined in SOLO Server as the Quantity value, is an arbitrary numeric value assigned to the License ID and is “passed down” (or supplied) to the licensed application during the software activation process. The Quantity value, as determined by the software vendor, may vary on a customer-by-customer or license-by-license basis.

For example, your software may be licensed according to the total number of named users in a database, or perhaps according to an initial total of prepaid credits which are consumed by the application over time or on a per-use basis (i.e., a decrementing counter). The License Counter field on the License Details page can be effectively utilized by SOLO Server authors to further define this license-specific parameter and is an extremely powerful feature for Protection PLUS 5 API users.

Read more about the License Counter enhancements in this SoftwareKey Blog post.

Highlights of other changes:

  • The order processor now supports the Update License Counter rule setting when used in conjunction with the Require License ID setting.
  • The product/option order confirm and customer service HTML fields now support several new search/replace fields ([varDistributorID], [varProductID], [varProductName], [varProdOptionID], [varProdOptionName]).
  • For compatibility with EU-based accounts, the Authorize.NET integration now passes the customer email to Authorize.NET for authorization and sale transactions.

Full Release Notes:

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