SOLO Server Released

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Posted:  October 14

SOLO Server Release

We recently finalized and posted our latest build of SOLO Server: Although there are many small changes, improvements and fixes in this release as outlined in the full release notes, there are several main enhancements of interest in this release.

License Activation Password Enhancements

In the previous build of SOLO Server, we introduced a new activation password feature, as outlined in our previous blog post. We have implemented several enhancements on this new feature based upon customer feedback:

  • Resetting a license activation password will render the existing password unusable for any future activations, and in some cases can cause previously activated installations to become deactivated. Now, a confirmation prompt will be displayed when attempting to reset an activation password explaining this.
  • Activation passwords are not valid for logging in to the shopping cart or customer license portal. While this is noted in the login instructions for existing customers, we found that this was frequently being overlooked. This is now emphasized in bold red in the login instructions for existing customers on both the shopping cart and customer license portal login pages. In addition, the login failure error messages also now note that license activation passwords are not valid for logging in.
  • Previously, invoices simply labeled the license activation password as “Password”. We found that this resulted in confusion. The invoices now label the password as “License Activation Password” for clarity.
  • The XmlActivationService.ActivationInstallation and XmlActivationService.ActivateInstallationLicenseFile web methods now return a new ActivationPassword element in the results. In addition, the license file content returned by the XmlActivationService.ActivateInstallationLicenseFile and XmlLicenseFileService.GetLicenseFile now contains the activation password. This field can be used by Protection PLUS 5 SDK developers for advanced implementation and will be utilized in an upcoming release of Instant Protection PLUS 3.

Rules Engine Support for Carrying Over and Incrementing the Download Expiration Date from a Previous License

The rules engine previously offered a “Carry Download Expiration” checkbox option which when set would carry the download expiration date from the existing license to the new upgrade license. This option has been renamed to “Download Expiration Carryover”, and now offers three options:

  • None – No carryover. This will behave the same the checkbox previously being unchecked.
  • Carry over – The expiration on the existing license is carried over to the new license. This will behave the same as the checkbox previously being checked.
  • Increment – This is a new option. The expiration on the existing license will carried over and incremented by the Days to D/L setting on the upgrade product option.

Enhancements for Re-sending Order Confirmation Emails

It is easy to resend an order confirmation email from the Resend Invoice button on either the license or invoice details page. Now, it is possible to change or add additional recipients before the email is sent.

Other Enhancements

  • On the customer details page, the “Licenses & Other Items” section can now be filtered to display all items, only licenses, or only other items.
  • On the activation and installation history pages, the License ID is now displayed in the page heading.
  • The customer search results now indicate whether the found customer records are enabled or disabled.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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