Now an Easier Way to Define Custom License Data

By Tanner O  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  April 18

SOLO Server Release

Introducing Custom Parameter Sets​!​

Support for customized license parameter data has always been available with the Protection PLUS 5 SDK​, and now there is an easier way to manage that data with ​new Custom Parameters Sets through SOLO Server Automation! You can define as many custom parameters as you need, and it's easy to set and update these parameters ​through a user-friendly interface.

​Customize ​Features for each Customer

Customized data allows you to control what features and functionality in your software are licensed for use. ​ You can generate more sales and ​increase customer ​satisfaction by customizing their license to meet their exact needs and charging them based upon the value of features they receive.  

​If you aren't utilizing customized licensing data, or if you are and want to improve your implementation, check out the video below! It gives an overview of the three ways to customize licensing data, and how to implement each option.  

In this video, you will learn:

  1. Which approach to custom data best suits your requirements
  2. Details and advantages of each option:
    • User-Defined Fields (fixed set of fields)
    • Custom Parameters Sets (flexible set of fields)
    • Custom Development (flexible set of fields, supports custom business logic)
  3. How to make it easier to configure and update custom data and license parameters

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