Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version Released

By Dan H.  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  August 15

Protection PLUS Release

Samples Updated to Support Custom Proxy Settings

As part of our continuous efforts to improve developers' experience with implementing our SDK, we have made further enhancements to our .NET sample applications. Prior to this release, the sample applications automatically used the proxy settings configured in standard Windows or Internet Explorer settings. We updated our .NET samples with this release to also allow users to enter custom proxy settings

For a complete list of changes, view the release notes here. 

.NET Standard 2.0 Support

We are excited to announce a preview build of the Protection PLUS 5 .NET Edition library (PLUSManaged) which targets .NET Standard 2.0 is now available upon special request.  ".NET Standard" is a specification to which all modern .NET implementations must conform.  This facilitates cross-platform development and code portability. Supported platforms include WindowsLinux, and macOS using .NET Core 2.0.  Mono supports AndroidiOS, and Universal Windows Applications.  More information on .NET Standard can be found in Microsoft's .NET Guide. 

Open Ticket to Request .NET Standard 2.0 Library

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