Protection PLUS September 2016 releases

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Posted:  October 4

Protection PLUS Release

New versions are now available for both Protection PLUS 5 SDK and Instant Protection PLUS 3! Customers with active software maintenance can log into the Customer License Portal to download the latest versions.

Protection PLUS 5 version released!

This release introduces many updates to our samples, such as proxy support to our PLUSNative samples. Our proxy implementation will demonstrate: auto-detection on Windows system, manual proxy settings entry including server, port, user, and password, and how to set these values in the Protection PLUS 5 SDK. We’ve made every effort to have the code cross-platform to make it easy to use in your own project.

For the PLUSManaged and PLUSManagedGUI samples, we added support for DPI awareness which allows our WinForms to display much crisper looking text at high DPI settings.

Java developers can now get a head start with our new Java sample tutorial in the manual. The tutorial demonstrates using our LicensingSample and SOLO Server to activate an application, modify a license in SOLO Server and refresh the license to the client, and manually activate a license.

For a complete list of changes, view the Protection PLUS 5 SDK release notes.

Instant Protection PLUS 3 version released!

We continue to improve Instant Protection PLUS 3 usability with each release! Recent project file links have been added to the startup wizard page making it quick and simple to open your last used projects. Instant Protection PLUS 3 has been certified “Compatible with LabVIEW” by National Instruments! Our LabView VIs have been updated to meet the requirements for this certification. Also, C++/CLR developers will be happy to find a sample application for their language!

For a complete list of changes, view the Instant Protection PLUS 3 release notes.

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