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Posted:  April 6

Protection PLUS Release

Team SoftwareKey has recently posted releases for both Protection PLUS 5 SDK and Instant Protection PLUS 3 as outlined in this post. These releases contain major updates to make it easier to evaluate and begin using the tools as well as other minor fixes and enhancements.

Instant Protection PLUS 3 Version

Instant Protection PLUS 3 has been our most popular wizard-based licensing client, used by people who want a quick implementation with the most common licensing user interface and business logic.

New!  We have been working hard to help our potential customers easily evaluate many features of Instant Protection PLUS 3. A new stand-alone Demo Application is available that demonstrates the main features of Instant Protection PLUS 3. This helps you quickly and easily determine if the features of Instant Protection PLUS 3 fit your needs. In addition, we have created many new step-by-step tutorials guiding you through common processes such as generating licenses in SOLO Server Automation, activating the Demo Application, remotely revoking a license, and more. With the new Demo Application and tutorials, you can now easily decide if Instant Protection PLUS 3 is the right licensing tool from the SoftwareKey product family.

See In Action!  Watch this short video which demonstrates the main SoftwareKey System features:

The same licensing functionality can be applied to your own applications when using Instant Protection PLUS 3 and you own SOLO Server Automation account, and the demonstrated features include:

  • License dialog with options to evaluate, purchase or activate
  • Logging into SOLO Server and creating a license
  • Activating with a time-limited license and a feature based license
  • Deactivating a license, including a remote deactivation
  • Navigating the SOLO Server author interface and reviewing activation history

View the written tutorials in the manual for additional instructions, and download the Demo Application to try it yourself.

Although you can download the standalone Demo Application, it is included in both trial and paid versions of Instant Protection PLUS 3, starting with Version  If you don't have a trial version, you can request one here:

Get Started Quickly with New Tutorials

Current Instant Protection PLUS 3 customers and evaluation customers, can also take advantage of the new tutorials and Demo Application as it is now distributed with Instant Protection PLUS 3. We include both a pre-protected Demo Application and an unprotected Demo Application. The unprotected Demo Application can be used with our tutorial stepping through the process of using the Instant Protection PLUS 3 wizard to protect an application with the wrapper interface.

Other Enhancements

  • For Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL users, Delphi has been added to the Integration Assistant along with a corresponding tutorial.
  • Microsoft has been pushing out Windows feature updates which allow applications to better handle Windows DPI settings. Instant Protection PLUS 3 has new configurable DPI Settings allowing the licensing UI to resize for higher DPI settings without affecting your protected application's UI.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version

For developers needing licensing on 64-bit ARM architecture, we are pleased to announce libraries for 64 bit ARMv8 (aarch64) applications. These libraries can be made available upon request.

Our included Protection PLUS 5 SDK sample applications have always been a helpful jump-start when integrating licensing. We have constantly tweaked and made additions to our samples in order to demonstrate the most common features of Protection PLUS 5 SDK. Our .NET sample applications now include the ability to determine the type of license being utilized. This allows different code paths for different license types such as perpetual licenses or subscription licenses. In addition, the .NET Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing samples better demonstrate handling proxy servers. Our sample application code is designed to be easily integrated with your source code with only a few changes.

View the Protection PLUS 5 SDK release notes for a complete list of changes.

As always we'd love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out and contact us with your questions and feedback.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version
Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version

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