Protection PLUS Spring 2020 Software Releases 

By Dan H.  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  April 30

Protection PLUS Release

Team SoftwareKey has recently posted releases for both Protection PLUS 5 SDK and Instant Protection PLUS 3!

Instant Protection PLUS 3 Version

In this release, we have made miscellaneous fixes and we have also made additions to our Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL sample applications:

  • For Java developers, there are new NetBeans projects along side the existing Eclipse projects.
  • There is a new Java code template with the Instant Protection PLUS 3 Integration Assistant. If you want to quickly add code to your Java application to use the Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL, this new template makes it quick and simple! 
  • For .NET and C++ developers, Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 sample projects are now included. 

In our continuing effort to help new users quickly learn the SoftwareKey System, the first step of the Instant Protection PLUS 3 wizard and the Help menu include links to helpful online material on our site for users to get started and get help. 

View the Instant Protection PLUS 3 release notes for a complete list of changes. 

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version

Are you developing for .NET Core, .NET Framework,  Mono, or any platform supported by .NET Standard 2.0 and want to use the benefits of the SoftwareKey System with our PLUSManaged for .NET Standard 2.0 assembly?  We have included a new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) sample project with the latest version of Protection PLUS 5 SDK .NET Edition.  This UWP sample application demonstrates using the SoftwareKey System with the PLUSManaged for .NET Standard 2.0 library. 

With a new update of Windows 10, Microsoft has included the Windows Sandbox.  This new feature allows a user to quickly run an instance of Windows 10 in a virtual machine.  We have tested our libraries successfully in this environment.  For those of you who do not wish to allow your software to run in the Windows Sandbox,  the virtual machine detection feature of our libraries can detect if your software is running in the Windows Sandbox. See our Protecting Your Software on Virtual Machines post for more information.

 View the Protection PLUS 5 SDK release notes for a complete list of changes. 

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Dan is a software engineer at SoftwareKey with extensive experience in licensing technology and additional experience in video and audio development.

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