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Posted:  August 7

Ohio-based IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. has been developing preeminent software solutions for over 20 years. Their award-winning UltraEdit text editor software is globally recognized as one of the premier products of its breed. IDM products have nearly 2 million registered users around the world and are localized in 8 different languages.

Early adopters of Protection PLUS Version 5 Technology

SoftwareKey is honored to be designated by IDM as one of its trusted partners, a distinction garnered by outfitting IDM with a fully integrated, start-to-finish software licensing solution. One of SoftwareKey’s most prolific customers, IDM has been a noteworthy SOLO Dedicated URL user since 2010. Beginning in early 2012, IDM incorporated SoftwareKey’s Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition libraries as part of its comprehensive licensing solution, with widespread deployment on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

IDM founder Ian Mead recalls how perhaps the most important point in regards to IDM’s success story with SoftwareKey is the tenacity with which SoftwareKey’s architecture team, headed by co-founder and CTO Mike Wozniak, responded to the formidable challenge IDM presented. “The goal was for IDM to make the registration process as simple as possible. The only drawback we saw was that the [SoftwareKey] solution was only extensible to Windows applications. We challenged SoftwareKey to provide Protection PLUS 5 libraries for Mac and Linux platforms as our desire was to have a single licensing solution that would cover all our platform offerings. SoftwareKey answered that challenge with resounding results. Not only did they provide us multi-platform licensing, they provided us the ability to issue a common key for products sharing multiple platforms.”

IDM enters the market with a 21st century software license solution

IDM was initially impressed with the SoftwareKey System because of its ease of implementation and flexible online/offline license registration options. Migrating to SoftwareKey provided another significant benefit to IDM: A sophisticated yet elegant mechanism for automating check-for-updates functionality. Ian’s description of the solution could also serve as a succinct testimonial: “SoftwareKey has provided IDM a 21st century software license solution that is on par with any major publisher we know of… that includes quality and excellent customer service and support. Easy to register, extensible to multi-platforms, and easy for our users to stay current!”

IDM has found the SOLO Server licensing server to have extremely high availability and near-perfect uptime. Ian says, “We have also integrated the SOLO Server solution into our e-commerce system so that we can instantly (and automatically) issue license codes upon order processing. Our customer support staff uses the SOLO Server interface to exercise complete control authority over every license we issue. It is a powerful solution and we expect to extend our use of the platform for many years to come.”

As an independent software vendor (ISV) and Microsoft Certified Partner, IDM wants to continue to focus on what they do best — which is publishing world-class software products. Looking to third parties for specific core competencies, first-class professional services, and peerless business solutions they need, is critical to IDM’s success. This includes managed web servers, e-commerce solutions, packaging, distribution, and of course, software licensing.

Even the initial Protection PLUS 5 alpha libraries were well supported

When IDM encountered a few minor issues with the embryonic versions of the PLUSNative alpha libraries, Ian was comfortably reassured by SoftwareKey’s determination to meet the issues head-on and speedily deliver the required solutions and/or fixes. Concept Software’s CTO and co-founder Mike Wozniak concurs that being able to provide exceptional customer service while working together to meet challenges is the key contrast between a mediocre business relationship and an extraordinary business relationship with true and measurable value.

More About IDM:

IDM is home to UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UltraFinder, UEStudio, and UltraSentry. Collectively, these products constitute the industry’s #1 file management solution. IDM publishes its products on Windows/Mac/Linux platforms and offers product distribution in 8 languages for its multi-million member world-wide user community. Anyone needing to edit text or vast amounts of data use IDM’s products, including: governments, institutions, universities, and Fortune 500/1000 companies. Many verticals, such as engineering, financial, insurance, pharmaceutical, and software programming/engineering, rely on UltraEdit and other IDM products for their daily computing needs.


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