Team SoftwareKey Stands Out from the Rest

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Posted:  September 23

MediaShout, based in Tennessee, was the pioneer of church presentation software in 2000. The founders of MediaShout saw an opportunity in a changing technological landscape to create a tool to run live worship presentations. Fast forward 20 years later, and the MediaShout software has been adopted by over 80,000 churches in 47 countries around the world.

While building the seventh version of their software in 2018, MediaShout was in the market for a new licensing solution. Unhappy with the quality of service by their current licensing provider, Aaron West, the director of user experience at the time, reached out to Team SoftwareKey for a consultation. From the beginning, the team at MediaShout knew they were at the right place due to the level of service and support provided by Team SoftwareKey.

As a software developer, it is a very cool experience when the company behind a software you are already using on a regular basis contacts you for assistance in licensing strategy. I have had this happen several times, but working with MediaShout stands out as one of my favorite instances of this experience. I am very happy that Aaron was willing to share his story of working with us through a video testimonial. You can find the transcript of Aaron’s testimonial below.

Looking for a better solution

Hey there, I'm Aaron West and I'm the director of user experience with MediaShout. Our innovative presentation software has a 20-year history of being one of the leading tools used by churches and houses of worship all over the world. In fact, we have over 80,000 organizations in almost 100 countries using MediaShout. Now, as with many software companies, certain elements were outsourced to companies who could, frankly better handle pieces versus us doing it in house. But one of those was our security and licensing. We knew we had limitations in those areas, and many years ago we found a solution for our software that worked.
However, over the years we've had issues on both our end and on the licensing company's end integrating and working together. We knew we were a smaller client of theirs and didn't expect the high level of support provided to higher paying and larger volume clients. When it came time for us to create the seventh version of our software, we really began to question if there was a better licensing solution for us. Now, changing licensing providers in the middle of a product, albeit in a new version, is still a scary endeavor. There were hundreds of thousands of users all over the world that relied on our software to be accessible when it needed to be, and also prevent those who would try to use it illegally.

Team SoftwareKey stands out from the rest

We searched and found a few possible solutions that could potentially work for our new version, even keeping our current provider as an option. But after a single email with each of the possibilities, there was one company that stood out, and that was SoftwareKey. After a few emails and virtual meetings with Mike and the team of SoftwareKey, we knew we had the right partner. Not only did they make us feel like we were the most important client, they took the time to walk through the transition process, answer any questions, and provide all the tools necessary for us to have a smooth and easy transition. They also provided better pricing for our model than our previous licensing company. That's always a win.

SoftwareKey is the real deal

And the most amazing part we didn't even know at first: Mike already knew our software, and was actually one of our users! Talk about making you feel comfortable. So here's the deal: SoftwareKey...they're the real deal. This team loves to serve and find solutions, even some that are out of the box. They have a great product that works really, really well. And they understand the needs of security and licensing and how important it really is for software creators like you and me. They can provide a simple end solution that you can implement yourself, but I recommend doing what we did. Get the team involved and have one of their licensing architects be an extension of your team. They made the process easy, smooth, and painless. Even more than I could have hoped. So don't wait! Reach out to Mike and his team today.

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Mike Wozniak is the founder of and responsible for marketing, content and product strategy. When he isn't plotting new ways to help customers solve licensing and business automation challenges, he likes to travel and entertain guests who come to visit the Orlando area.

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Team SoftwareKey Stands Out from the Rest

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