Product Review After 9 Years in Use

By Deborah J  |  Success Stories

Posted:  February 18

Mark Fonseca is the Director at 3000AD Systems, a Sydney, Australia based company with a suite of products which provide cost effective day-to-day solutions in business. Mark describes the business as a mid-sized, steady growth, successful software company. In 2006 they started using the SoftwareKey System for their flagship product, PDF-eXPLODE (document delivery software).

As someone who has benefited from a licensing system, Mark wanted to share his experience to help others embarking on a similar path. As with each of our customers, we welcomed his feedback and were delighted to hear of his satisfaction, and how well it has served the company and its customers.

Mark Fonseca

"Three aspects of my dealings with the SoftwareKey System stand out to me over the past nine years. Protection PLUS licensing, Instant SOLO Server for e-commerce site hosting, and after sales support. As the developer of the PDF-eXPLODE software, I had a lot to do with deploying the SoftwareKey System.

The Protection PLUS licensing software is very good and was relatively easy to incorporate in with our software. It is stable and secure. In 2007, on a few occasions, hackers attempted to crack the license key algorithm, but failed. They must have given up as there has not been any known issues since. We chose to incorporate our software with both Protection PLUS and SOLO Server in tandem enabling our world-wide customers to conduct their purchase transaction from the website.

…[SOLO Server] issues a license and invoice for each sale, saving us hours of work in creating these manually.

Using SOLO Server for e-commerce site hosting has been one of the highlights of our dealings with The SOLO Server service and functionality integrates transparently with Protection PLUS licensing and the e-commerce site issues a license and invoice for each sale, saving us hours of work in creating these manually. In addition, there are good sales/commission reports which are easy to read and accurate. 3000AD Systems has never struck any major glitch in the e-commerce site or its hosting, and downtime would have been no more than a few hours in total over these 9 years, despite site upgrades over that time and our business was never impacted.

Each support analyst is very familiar with their product and provides excellent, precise support.

I would certainly recommend the SoftwareKey System to others on the basis that SoftwareKey support is second to none. Allowing for the time difference, every e-mail I have sent – and there have been quite few – has always been answered straight away with good sound advice. Other suppliers I have dealt with sometimes take days to respond to a support call. Each support analyst is very familiar with their product and provides excellent, precise support."

At, our customers continue to be our best advertisement. Long and fruitful mutual relationships lift us all up and allow each of us to thrive.

If you are contemplating the SoftwareKey System and would like further information from Mark Fonseca, he has graciously offered to make himself available for serious inquiries. You can contact him at +61 414 912053 anytime weekdays in early afternoon Eastern time in North America, and between 9 AM – 11 AM weekdays in Europe or Australia and Asia.

As always, you can contact the SoftwareKey Support Team.

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