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Posted:  September 18

Al Inga does not compromise on securing his investments. After 17 patents and 16 years of innovating software products, now he is setting out to revolutionize the email industry with his latest offering and he wouldn't consider doing so without the SoftwareKey System™.

He is not stifled by the inherent security issues that come with distributing software internationally online. He faces the stark reality that there are folks around the world who are notorious for trying to break software and use it without paying for it. To prepare for this reality he protects with the SoftwareKey System™. Here is a sampling of his protected products:

  • - Dec 2004 named #1 spam filter in the world by PC Doc Digest
  • - Nov 2009 Innovation Solutions Award winner by Information Management Magazine. Allowing businesses to opt-in email without the help of an IT person.
  • - Child protection browser for kids which creates a bubble that keeps kids within limits of the internet, loaded with 1000's of websites for kids.
  • - Autoresponder
  • - Selling licensed membership to any of the 1,000 software titles in their library.

Security of SoftwareKey Vigorously Tested

When Al was referred by a colleague to use the SoftwareKey System seven years ago, two things stood out to him 1) it was user friendly and 2) the security was excellent. Al used other protection software before, some alternated binary codes or tried all sorts of angles, but anyone who was good at hacking could go in and take them apart. He remarks, "The difference with SoftwareKey System protection is that it binds itself with the code without modifying the code. If someone were to crack into the software they would crack the code, giving them a broken program."

That said, Al wanted to go the extra mile in testing the security of the SoftwareKey System when he launched his Email Filter Pro spam filter product. He explains, "We went out to companies and we paid top notch crackers hourly to try to crack the software, and then we said, 'if you crack it we'll give you $10,000 cash.' No one has ever cracked it."

Besides protection, the SoftwareKey System was perfect for offering free trials, controlling how many activations per license they want to allow, and a new feature giving him the ability to disable and enable when needed such as when a customer wants to move a license from a PC to a server.

Database Emailer is Game Changer

Al did not have to search for a protection product when it was time to launch Database Emailer, his latest innovation. The decision to use the SoftwareKey System was obvious after his experiences using it on many of the of the 1,000 software titles he had been distributing, and the more recent hacker test he conducted.

Al wants to revolutionize the emailing industry with Database Emailer software. He enthusiastically explains how it lets a business run their own opt-in email campaign for 99.9% less than its competitors. $10/million emails versus the industry average at $1000/million. With software that represents that kind of value, it can quickly attract attempts at being cracked. "SoftwareKey protects our business" Al declares. His new product meets the needs of small to medium-sized businesses that do not have the time or interest in hosting a database, writing queries and scripts, nor do they want to hire someone to do that. The Database Emailer software utilizes web hosting company's smtp accounts. There is no need for a service bureau, but users will be working on the same type of servers that the bureaus do.

The SoftwareKey System also empowers him to present a tremendous offer to his would-be customers. Not only does he offer a free trial, but he can offer a full-featured trial, a version just like any unlocked Database Emailer program. His trial users get to operate the software for free for seven days. The SoftwareKey System allows Al to set that trial for seven days and forget it. At the end of the trial it will be automatically be rendered inactive and by then his users are ready to buy. Many companies are renting dedicated servers and sending millions of emails during their trial, and since Al also sells data he gives the users 3000 data records for free too.

His model is to sell the data records and give the powerful Database Emailer software for free. We have a feeling Al will continue launching new software products and we're happy to have him as an advocate for the SoftwareKey System. He persists with this advice to others, "If software is a vital and critical part of your business, don't compromise with your software, because there are lots of people who will crack it in a minute if they could."

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