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Posted:  April 17

Blumberg Excelsior

The Problem

Blumberg Excelsior, Inc. originally created the full-featured software Blankrupter Official Bankruptcy Forms, to speed up an antiquated bankruptcy forms process from days to a few hours. In prior practice, worksheets were prepared, then, thirty-five 6-part, carbonized forms were typed manually, verified and approved. The bankruptcy schedules were then totaled and verified by a calculator. The six-part forms were expensive and it took days before the forms were finally ready.

The software was perfect for high volume bankruptcy firms. However, for smaller bankruptcy practices and a lower budget, the software was too expensive.

So Blumberg created Blankrupter Singles Software. The problem Blumberg faced was to find a way to offer economical access to Blankrupter Singles software on a pay-per-use basis without incurring additional expense or having to add additional sales staff to administer these sales. Blumberg wanted to allow smaller law firms to purchase the software as needed without a large cash outlay through a secured, automated electronic licensing system.

The Protection PLUS and SoftwareKey SOLO Server Solution

The first step was to implement Protection PLUS in the Blankrupter Singles Software. This provided the capability to create a free downloadable version of Blankrupter that performed every function except printing the actual forms. Confirmed payment of a nominal fee allowed manual activation of the printing capability for one client via Protection PLUS. (If desired, Protection PLUS also allows any number of software licensing models such as demo restrictions, network licensing, software rentals or leases, and much more).

Implementation of SoftwareKey SOLO (Secure Online License Ordering) Server provided the solution to automating the sales process. Designed to allow instant sales of electronic licenses on the Internet, SOLO Server is a hands-free service offering the freedom to make money 24 hours a day. SOLO Server e-commerce combined with Protection PLUS generates license activation codes automatically! In the case of Blankrupter Singles, once the data is entered and verified using the preview screens, the forms printing is simply a matter of returning on-line and entering credit card data for one or more bankruptcy cases. (If desired, SoftwareKey SOLO Server can activate product upgrades, additional features/modules/options, additional network user seats, extend leases, trigger any user-defined action, etc.).

Benefits and Savings in Time and Money to Blumberg and Their Customers

Using Protection PLUS and SoftwareKey SOLO Server allowed Blumberg to add only a few lines of code to their program and produce an automated e-commerce product designed to save time and money. The software was instantly available to bankruptcy lawyers when they needed it, at a cost they (and their clients) could afford, and Blumberg did not have to manually process orders. Adapting the software into a pay-per-use version allowed a bankruptcy lawyer to spend less than 1/10th the cost of the full-featured software and even less the cost of doing it manually. Total cost savings per case are substantial, and deadlines are met with ease!

The cost to Blumberg to implement PLUS and SOLO Server was less than one man week. Blumberg expanded their customer base, generated a new revenue stream, and eliminated administrative costs. It has been so successful, Blumberg has created a new software package for uncontested divorces which functions in the same manner as Blankrupter Singles and will be online via SoftwareKey SOLO Server by the end of the year.

More About Blumberg

Intended for use under the supervision of an attorney, Blankrupter Singles software provides the considerable benefits of electronic forms preparation with a robust database for Chapter 7, 11 & 13 Bankruptcy cases without investing in the full program.

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