WebXCopy uses SOLO Server to manage URL-based licenses

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Posted:  May 17


WebXCopy is a next generation web application component for facilitating file transfers. WebXCopy is built as an ActiveX Control that can be used on websites to handle multiple file upload/download. Traditional HTML file-based upload is slow, unfriendly and limited to one file at a time. WebXCopy was built as a user-friendly alternative with features such as Drag-N-Drop, Upload/Download progress management, HTML form upload, proxy server support, etc. to improve the upload process dramatically over the traditional method. It is a high-performance component capable of handling hundreds of megabytes worth of file uploads in a single batch.

WebXCopy had a unique licensing requirement. "We wanted to find a solution where we could license our ActiveX control based upon both single and multiple domain names for a given company" says Steve Ding, President of NetDetail, LLC. "We were pleased with how quickly Concept Software gave us a customized solution that was exactly what we wanted, and a very simple API to use within our application."

Once a License record is created in SOLO Server for a Single URL edition, the user can use that License ID to login and change the fully qualified domain name URL or IP address associated with their company's file transfer server. They are allowed both a primary (production) and secondary (testing) URL/IP for each License ID. When the WebXCopy ActiveX control is instantiated, it connects with SOLO Server to verify it is permitted to upload/download files with the specified destination. If the license cannot be verified, it automatically falls back to a 'lite' version with limitations on file size/quantity.

For ISPs that provide WebXCopy to their clients, a different type of license is created in SOLO Server. The ISP can log in and specify the top level domain for their customers. Any server URL with this domain suffix is automatically permitted to run. "We were excited to develop this type of license validation for WebXCopy" says Michael Wozniak, president of Concept Software. "We have so many new customers who have brought unique licensing business requirements. We are happy that the SOLO Server platform has been easily expanded to fit these unique requirements."

About NetDetail, LLC

WebXCopy is created by the software publishing division of NetDetail, LLC, a leading provider of strategic information technology solutions. A St. Louis, Missouri firm with a global vision, NetDetail, LLC started the commercial software division in 2003 and is currently focused on creating innovative and user-friendly applications on both web and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms.



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