Success Stories

Team SoftwareKey Stands Out from the Rest

MediaShout is the pioneer of church presentation software, having developed the first system dedicated to running live worship presentations in 2000. While building the seventh version of the software in 2018, MediaShout found the level of service they were looking for with Team SoftwareKey.

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New, Modern Licensing Sells More and Satisfies More

28 Hands is a London-based software company that is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their inbox. After working with the SoftwareKey System for several years, the CEO of 28 Hands reached out to share their experience working with SoftwareKey's Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing.

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ProDigital Software

Answering the Call of Android Users

ProComSol, Ltd. is a trailblazer when it comes to HART communications (a digital industrial communication protocol). In 2006 they came onto the scene with an unheard of offering for automation industries using process controls including Oil and Gas, Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical, Power Generation, Water and Waste Water.

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ProDigital Software

Upgrading: Your Products, Your Licensing, Your Business

Noel Carboni, who runs ProDigital Software, wanted to share his story about initially implementing Protection PLUS 4 SDK and later upgrading to Protection PLUS 5 SDK. He talked about the process to find and implement his licensing solution, and this success story contains excerpts of Noel's comments from that conversation.

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Product Review After 9 Years in Use

Mark Fonseca is the Director at 3000AD Systems, a Sydney, Australia based company with a suite of products which provide cost effective day-to-day solutions in business. Mark describes the business as a mid-sized, steady growth, successful software company. In 2006 they started using the SoftwareKey System for their flagship product, PDF-eXPLODE (document delivery software). As someone who has benefited from a licensing system, Mark wanted to share his experience to help others embarking on a similar path. As with each of our customers, we welcomed his feedback and were delighted to hear of his satisfaction and how well it has served the company and it's customers.

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National Instruments

Groundbreaking LabVIEW App Store

After eight years working in various areas within National Instruments, including Application Engineering, Academic Relations, and LabVIEW Product Marketing Jeff Meisel found himself in a position to break new ground.

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IDM Places Tall Order... and Concept Software Delivers

IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. has been developing pre-eminent software solutions for over 20 years. Their award-winning UltraEdit text editor software is globally recognized as one of the premier products of its breed. One of Concept Software's most prolific customers, IDM has been a noteworthy Instant SOLO Dedicated URL user since 2010. Beginning in early 2012, IDM incorporated Concept Software's Protection PLUS 5 Native Edition libraries as part of its comprehensive licensing solution, with widespread deployment on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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Consumption Pricing Models Gain in Popularity

Graeme Cox is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Davco OptiSurface Pty Ltd, an Australian-based developer of OptiSurface Designer, the leading 3D agricultural earthworks design software used in over 15 countries. He sat down to talk with us so that he could share his use case with our readers.

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Customization for an Established Organization

Dan VanLuchene, Co-founder and Partner at Integrated Engineering Software is in an enviable position. Ten reliable products, twenty years of operation, a rock solid customer base of structural engineers, and a tight, automated system to keep it all humming. It wasn't always this way. His growing business had become painfully hampered by an antiquated licensing system.

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Oxford Computer Group

It Does Exactly What It Says It's Going to Do

When Tools4FIM started looking for a licensing solution two and a half years ago, their sights were set on selling into the global market and wanting to base it in the U.S. They asked around for feedback about a good platform from which they would sell their tools.

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Sometimes the Smaller Company Delivers the Better Solution

TIBCO, a big software company, considered selecting a big e-commerce solution provider, Digital River, for their webstore integration project, but they found better solutions with the big minds at Concept Software. Here's the story...

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Defender Pro

Total Confidence in Presenting SoftwareKey to Clients

Dan Van Hoose first became aware of Mike Wozniak, CTO and Founder of Concept Software when his colleagues were telling him, "If you ever have a problem, call Woz". That was ten years and many projects ago. Dan is now President of NYS Consulting and VP of Sales for Bling Software Ltd. and he carries with him an unwavering confidence in presenting Concept Software to clients and colleagues.

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Sidra Solutions

Explicit Comprehension of Needs Proves Critical

The team at Akcelik & Associates had successfully sold proprietary software to transportation professionals around the world for over ten years and needed to ensure that they could handle additional growth generated by new product releases.

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Electric Quilt

Stolen Software is Too Much to Bear

EQ7 software is distributed through mail order and over 800 retail stores in the U.S. and abroad and it is secured by Protection PLUS, but this wasn't always the case. Product Development Manager and eighteen year EQ veteran, Ann Rutter from The Electric Quilt Company recounts the journey this niche software company has made toward achieving software protection integrity, including the experience of writing custom scripts and additional benefits of licensing and copy protection.

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Software Subscriptions and Leases are Easy

We were using another provider for software keys but each activation took about 10 minutes of busy-work to complete, with emails, paper trail and hardware key generation. That was just too much time, so we decided to automate the process as much as possible. Does this story sound familiar? Read on and find out how the SoftwareKey System™ helped Trakware improve efficiencies and expand their product offering.

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Industry Changing accessaphone™ Launched Using SOLO

accessaphone™ is a unique and meaningful software suite which makes VoIP telephones accessible and usable to people with varying levels of ability. Months before the product launch, Director of Operations, Dustin Armstrong chose the SoftwareKey System to handle licensing security and order processing. After more than five years of business under their belt, Dustin Armstrong shared why he values the SoftwareKey System.

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email Database Manager

Protection From Hackers Critical for Software Innovator

After 17 patents and 16 years of innovating software products, Al Inga knows not to compromise on securing his investments. He is setting out to revolutionize the email industry with his latest offering and he wouldn't consider doing so without the SoftwareKey System.

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email Database Manager

Blumberg Excelsior Inc publishes Blankrupter Singles Software

Blumberg Excelsior, Inc. originally created the full-featured software Blankrupter Official Bankruptcy Forms, to speed up an antiquated bankruptcy forms process from days to a few hours.

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321 Studios

321 Studios Selects SOLO Server For Their Backoffice

321 Studios, a St. Louis-based software company chooses SOLO Server to manage their e-commerce and back office operations. "We started developing our own e-commerce back office last fall but our business requirements quickly outgrew the features we had implemented."

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WebXCopy uses SOLO Server to manage URL-based licenses

WebXCopy is a next generation web application component for facilitating file transfers. WebXCopy is built as an ActiveX Control that can be used on websites to handle multiple file upload/download.

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The more you investigate, the less you have to invest

My company, ExhibitView Solutions, LLC, has been using the SoftwareKey System for over a year now. We sell software to the legal community for making great presentations in court.

We used to use a very developer-intensive system for our licensing. In fact, my developers would charge me up to 40 hours to implement licensing. When we decided to launch a completely-revamped product, I knew I needed to simplify the licensing process.

After searching online, my first phone call to SoftwareKey was to discuss how their system works. I was impressed that I never felt any pressure to end the conversation during that rather long phone call. I learned how the system worked and what it would take to implement into a new software product. Wow, I was truly impressed. My developers were able to implement the system in under one hour after I set up a short paid one-on-one tutorial with the SoftwareKey staff.

After the initial product launch, we implemented the system into all of our 3 products. I could not be happier. The service and support are truly first rate, and I have certainly received a great value for my money.

I would be happy to speak with anyone about my experience and would also encourage any other software company or entrepreneur to investigate SoftwareKey. I was once told the more you investigate, the less you have to invest. I found this statement true with a company as fantastic as SoftwareKey and it's staff.

Bill Roach Partner / ExhibitView Solutions, LLC

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